This shopping list for Whole30 Must Haves from ALDI is the perfect way to help you do Whole30 on a budget. From marinara to guacamole there are so many options!

It’s here!! You asked for an ALDI Whole30 shopping list and at first I honestly had no idea what ALDI was.  But after the great response from my lists for Trader Joes, Target, SproutsRalphs, Costco, Amazon and Thrive Market, I thought I better find out more about this store.  I looked it up and found that there was actually one about 30 minutes away! I got my camera and took off out the door.  The ALDI I went into was at first glance, packed with non-compliant food like products, but once I dug deeper and looked at pretty much every label, I found a few gems for my Whole30ers!   I know eating clean can be daunting at first once you get the hang of reading labels, going shopping can be easy, and I hope I made your next trip to ALDI a bit easier with this list.  I would love any other recommendations for Whole30 lists and I will get to it right away. For now, enjoy this list of goods and some recipes you can use them in!


Both of these options have clean ingredients and are great to add on top of frittatas or salsa chicken bowls!


They have tons of nuts at ALDI that are clean and I love to make my own nut butter with them!  They are also great to crush up and put on salads or bread chicken with. I love spreading nut butter on sweet potato toast!

Frozen Veggies

I love adding frozen veggie to frittatas and cauliflower rice! They are so handy to keep in the freezer when you are in a pinch.


Finding a clean marinara is huge on Whole30!! I love adding marinara on top of meat and veggies if it seems a little boring.  My favorite recipe to use marinara in is my Cheeseless Chicken Parm! *** NOTE: It seems that some stores have this compliant version, and some stores have the same one with added sugar – probably depending on where you live.  Be sure to check your labels always!


Salsa is another easy pre-made and flavorful sauce that goes great with my Salsa Chicken or on your eggs in the morning!

Clean oils

They have a great organic line at ALDI from Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Coconut Oil.  I love using coconut oil when cooking things in a hot pan and olive oil for dressings on salad!


Of course produce is always whole30 compliant but there were some awesome easy to cook packs of veggies like these sweet potatoes!


If you are a wine drinker, you have to get on the kombucha train.  I love having a glass of kombucha with dinner

Chia Seeds

I love adding chia seeds to just about anything for added fiber and fat!  Sprinkling them on the almond butter on my sweet potato toast might be my fave!

This shopping list for Whole30 Must Haves from ALDI is the perfect way to help you do <a target=Whole30 on a budget. From marinara to guacamole there are so many options!

Let me know in the comments below if you found anything else compliant at ALDI!

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