Thrive Market Whole30 Must Haves

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Looking for a Thrive Market Whole30 Shopping list? Look no further! Thrive Market has all of the pantry staples you need and at low prices no less!

HEY GUYS!!! We did it.  We moved out of our condo and are officially back in Orange County!  We are staying with my rents while house hunting and now it’s time for the dreaded change of address on everything.  One of the first things I changed?  Where my Thrive Market delivery goes!!  If you weren’t aware, Thrive Market is an online health food market with everything from food to cleaning products, to beauty and beyond!  I love it for pantry staples and their own Thrive Market brand of products are fabulous and inexpensive to boot.  Thrive set out to make healthy food more affordable and with a small yearly subscription (like costco), you have access to tons of great deals!

Also –  If you love a good Whole30 shopping list, I also have them for Amazon, Trader Joe’s, SproutsTarget, AldiCostco and Ralphs/Kroger for you to get all of your shopping done!

So for my Whole30 and healthy food lovers alike, I put together a list of my favorite items from Thrive that are super clean and help me make some of my favorite meals.  Oh and did I mention that the package is usually delivered quickly, in a pretty box, and with a hand written thank you on the receipt?  LOVE THEM!

Grain Free Flours:

Cooking Fats:

  • Avocado Oil – This is a fabulous cooking oil for high heat as the smoke point it all the way up at 500 degrees!  It has a super subtle flavor too which makes it great for all types of food!
  • Ghee – I love ghee for when you are wanting a buttery flavored dish!  I love using it in breakfast or anytime I am cooking up a pan sauce!



  • TUNA! You know I love myself some tuna and Safe Catch is by far the best brand you can find.


  • Tea Tea and more Tea!! I became obsessed with Tea on the Whole30 and Chai is one of my favorites!

Thrive Market sells your favorite organic and non-gmo brands for up to 50% off retail.

I hope you enjoyed these Thrive Market Whole30 tips!   Here are more lists of all of your Whole30 Must Haves!

Trader Joes





Ralphs/ Kroger



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  1. I’ve heard so many great things about Thrive Market, but unfortunately they don’t deliver to Canada (yet)! Looks like a great list of must-haves… I did Whole30 a few months ago and these were definitely some of my essentials.

    1. No, peanut butter is not whole30 and you can’t replicate any candy or sweets on whole30, even if they have approved ingredients!