5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Celery

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Do you enjoy celery all of these ways?!  Dandy Fresh Produce makes its so easy for us to get our celery one because they pre chopped and cleaned – ready to eat.

Here are my 5 creative ways to enjoy celery and some recipes to go along with them!

  • Stuff with peanut butter and dates! This works with any nut butter or dried fruit – hello ants on a log – but dates are one of my favorite.
  • Spoon your favorite tuna salad – this harvest tuna salad is one of my favorites!
  • Dip in salad dressing.  Any dip or pesto works to dip celery in but I love using a good salad dressing from the fridge – no work!
  • Curl on top of a salad!  This is such a fun way to add the crunch and flavor to a salad in a new and beautiful way.
  • Add to Chicken Salad!  I love my Sonoma Chicken Salad SO much!!

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