Replicating a Wedding Cake

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Yesterday was my parents 31st wedding anniversary!!! Congrats Mom and Dad!!  Because my parents are so amazing, my sister and I started thinking about what to do for their special day about a week and a half ago.  We found the cutest poster on etsy where you could write the date of their wedding, and dates of each of their childrens birthdays.  It was perfect!  Then we found out it might get delivered late so I thought it would be cute to try and recreate a miniture version of their wedding cake!  Now their wedding was in the 80’s so the cake was much different than cakes today.  Flowers, pillars and buttercream…. oh and mustaches!

When they left for dinner we began working.  My sister was in charge of the flowers and I did the cake!

I just make 2 tiers, one 8 inches and one 6 inches.  I used my favorite chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream, and added some chocolate chunks to the mix.  I got the pillars and stand from Michael’s.

And because this was the 80’s I thought some buttercream roses and piping around the cake was appropriate.It was pretty easy to put together and the flowers really made it come together!

AND the best part was that the poster we ordered arrived on time!  We suprised them when they got back from dinner and they loved it!

And of course we had to take a pic of them cutting the cake!

Too cute!


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