Malted Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Most people have a “go to” recipe when you are asked to bring something to a party or event.  Either an appetizer or dessert that has never failed you and always makes your friends happy to see you?  Yeah well this is mine!  Thank you Pioneer Woman!

The line up>

First cream up your butter and sugar, then mix in eggs and vanilla.

Then add a rounded 1/2 cup of Malted Milk…. like this!

Mix that in the batter, then add the rest of your dry ingredients.  Then the chocolate chips!  Ree uses milk chocolate chips, but I prefer semi-sweet!

Then once the cookie dough is done, try as hard as you can not to do this:

BUT!  On the off chance that you decide to go for the personal cookie dough spoon…  enjoy every morsel of it!!  mmmm cause that shiz is gooooood.  Then try to scoop some on to a pan instead of your mouth.

Bake those bad boys for about 10 minutes… and out pops perfection.


For full recipe and details check out The Pioneer Woman!

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