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Healthy Happy Mama ebook - 6 essential nutrients for pregnancy!

It’s new eBook release day!!!  I am super excited to be sharing this eBook called Healthy, Happy Mama – 6 Key Nutrients for Pregnancy & How to Incorporate Them Into Your Routine.  The best thing about this book is that is brings together two important things you need during pregnancy – information & recipes.  My friend Brittany Anderson is a very knowledgeable women’s health professional and mama of 2 and she guides you through those 6 nutrients and teaches you what they do in the body and how much in important to consume to support growing a human.  Then I come in with some delicious and simple recipes for you to have on hand when you are wondering how the heck those nutrients can get into your body.

As I have shared a lot of my hormone and health journey on here I wanted to make sure that this very important time in my life (growing my daughter) was captured as well.  They don’t lie when they say knowledge is power.  In my first trimester I could honestly care less about nutrients because I was just so sick and anything that didn’t make me feel more sick was game at meal time.  But once I started feeling better I made it a goal to have a healthy pregnancy while not restricting myself and still enjoying life!  This all starts with knowing what nutrients are important for me and for my baby.  And did you know, trying to make sure you get enough protein or magnesium doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have ice cream or chips on occasion!  But I find when I think about all the yummy stuff I can have WITH those nutrients, there is less room in the belly for all those yummy things without nutrients.

And when nutrients come in the form of Cashew Chocolate Chip Energy Bites…. everyone wins!!

So if you are trying to conceive, already pregnant or just plain curious about learning more and making tasty recipes, check out the Healthy Happy Mama eBook now!





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