Guava Gummies

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Hey, hey! It’s Michelle from The Whole Smiths and I am SO excited to be over here guest posting on Little Bits of Real Food. Not only because I love Kelsey so much but if you’re reading this it means she’s had her sweet little babe and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. So to you Kelsey, congrats!! You are already one amazing mama and I am beyond ecstatic for your new family.

While I’m here I wanted to share with you a little recipe that I created that is not only summer-y and tropical-y but easy to make and kid friendly. While making homemade gummies may sound a bit daunting if you’ve never made them before, I’m here to tell you they’re not! Not at all. There aren’t any fancy cooking techniques or crazy ingredients necessary to make the perfect little gummy bite. All you need is some juice, gelatin, a touch of honey and a silicon mold. Any shape or size mold will work but I recommend not going too large for the sole reason that it’s no longer a bite sized gummy!

Back in the day when I was a kid, (am I really old enough to be saying this now??) gummies were relatively new and all the rage. I mean really. Barbie gummies, Ninja Turtle gummies, gummies that gushed, gummies that paid your bills and changed light bulbs…ok, no they didn’t do that but you would have thought they did based on how much I loved them.

But here’s the deal – commercially bought gummies are loaded with so much junk. Like junky junk. While some brands have cleaned up their gummy game nothing beats making your own at home. In fact, you can even get the kids in on the process. The hardest part is just pouring the liquid into the molds with out making a mess. But maybe that’s just me? And never fear, my messy A has a solution for that too.

As I mentioned, there aren’t any fancy techniques for you to use but I do have a couple of tips to keep your gummy making as easy and mess-free as possible. But again, I think the messy part may just be due to me and my instead hand.

Ok, first off if you’re finding the gelatin doesn’t dissolve perfectly smoothly, that’s ok! Keep whisking and don’t stress, I’ll show you how to remedy that in a minute. I also like to place my silicon molds onto a moveable flat surface such as a cutting board prior to during the gelatin mixture in. Here’s why… some of the silicon molds are a little flimsy and since the molds are fairly small they can spill easily if they are bended due to being flimsy. Does that make sense any sense? By putting them onto the cutting board to transport the the fridge, the flat surface makes sure the mold won’t bend.

Once you’re done whisking and are ready to fill the molds, pour the mixture into a liquid measuring cup first. From there you can skim off any of the parts that may not have dissolved perfectly smoothly as it will all flow to the top. From there carefully fill each mold to the top, this is the part I’m always making a mess with. Probably because I’m impatient, it really isn’t rocket science. However, pouring it directly from the liquid measuring cup makes all the difference.

From there, you pop them into the refrigerator for a couple of hours and presto, you have gummies!

Don’t ask me how long they last, ours are always gone the day of. But if for some reason yours make it past that, I’d say 3-4 days will work.

I hope you love these gummies just as much as my family does. And thank you to Kelsey for letting me join her in her little corner of the internet today!

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Guava Gummies

By: Kelsey


  • 2 cups guava juice / nectar, you can use other juices too, mango, peach, apple etc.
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 6 tablespoons gelatin


  • Add the juice to a sauté pan and heat over medium. Add the honey and stir until it is dissolved. Heat the juice until it is hot, small bubble may start to form along the sides. Do not let the juice come to a boil. Slowly sprinkle in the gelatin into the juice, whisking as you go until it dissolves.
  • Once all of the gelatin has dissolved into the juice, pour the juice into a liquid measuring cup. Skim and clumps of gelatin off the top of the juice. Carefully pour the juice into silicone molds and refrigerate for 6 or more hours until the dummies are set.
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  1. Hi! Can you advise approximately how many this makes? Also if you store it do you store it in the fridge or room temp?