When i’m invited to party, the first thing that pops in my head is what am I going to bring?  Alcohol? A treat?  Then jello shots pop in my head, but that seems almost to “collegey” now.  Then after some brainstorming with my sister, we decided to try out gummy bears soaked in vodka!  We came up with this idea late Tuesday night, so I didn’t start the process until Wednesday night and the party was on Saturday.  3 days was just about perfect and these little bears grew and grew as they filled with vodka.

I had this Citron vodka in the freezer and I thought a flavored vodka would be perfect.  I just poured about 2 of the 3 pounds of gummy bears into a 13 x 9in pyrex pan and filled the pan with vodka until the bears were covered.

They grew and grew!

They were a bit slimy but went down smooth and sweet!  I just threw them in a mason jar and tied a label around with twine.  An easy and crowd pleasing treat to bring to any party!  Just make sure to keep these away from the kids… they can be deceiving!