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I am so so excited to finally share what our bedroom is looking like!  We moved into this house one year ago and there was so much going on with the kitchen disaster and renovation that our bedroom was the least of our worries.  Then Ruthie needed to move to a big bed so we painted her room and got her a fun bed, then milo was on his way so we made his room look nice and cute! Once their rooms looked good I thought, wait a minute, what about us?  At the time our room had tan walls and tan carpet which I did not like, and it only had our bed, a dresser and our small ikea nightstands we have had for about 7 years.  Our room was not a place I liked to hang out in, it was strictly for sleep!  So in January when we decided to redo the vinyl on our stairs, I thought, let’s continue the vinyl floors through to our room.  I was nervous at first because I love having my feet on something cozy in a bedroom.  But I LOVE the look of hard floors with a rug under a bed so we went for it.  I don’t even have pictures of our stuff in the room before, just have the photos from the listing when we bought it which are here:

Once we painted the walls (Chantily Lace is the color) and got the floors put in, I was so excited.  Next step was getting the room design figured out so for that I turned to Havenly.  This is not an ad for them I just love this service so much! It is a website were you can find an interior designer to design you room & pick out products within your budget to make a room look amazing.  You can tell them the furniture you already have to work around or start from scratch!  We pretty much started from scratch and just kept our dresser which we moved into our closet. Check out this before and after!

For reference I will walk you through the steps that we went through with Havenly.  First I filled out a questionnaire sharing exactly the vibe we wanted when you walk in the room, our favorite colors and style, the dimensions, and even shared a pinterest board with styles I liked and well as pictures of what it currently looked like. I said we liked the mid century modern, boho, beachy, scandinavian vibe.  Which I realize is a lot of things but it totally works!  From there I chose a designer and who I liked and she got started putting together some mood boards.  She put together 3 boards labeled “Beachy Blues”, “Cozy Mid-Century” and “Light & Airy”.  Out of those 3, we liked the beachy blues the most but also pulled things like an intricate rug from the mid-century and the bench we liked from the light & airy!  Here is the beachy blues board:

After we got that nailed down she started picking out items for the room and would pick out a few options for each piece that I went through and “liked” the items that I loved the most!  Then you can go back and forth on things like I mentioned I wanted some bookshelf of some kind for decor so she added that and we came to this general plan!

Then I said it was perfect and she put together the final 3D images. This part is so cool! Doesn’t the picture below look like a real room? It’s all 3D that they put together with their system!

So without further adieu, here is the room and links to all of the products inside!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Capri vinyl flooring from Urban Floor

Bed: Tessu King Bed in Taupe from Article

Duvet: White Duvet Cover with zipper from Amazon

Sheets: 1500 Supreme Collection Bed Sheet Set from Amazon

Bench: Gabriola bench from Article

Nightstands: Quinn Nightstand from West Elm

Lamps: Wood & Ceramic Table Lamps from West Elm

Rug: Bonney Oriental Sky Blue/Light Gray/White/Navy Area Rug in 9′ 3″ x 12′ from Wayfair

Rug Pad: Non slip rug pad from Amazon

Long Lumbar pillow: Kylee Lumbar Pillow from Wayfair

Chair: Reanna 23.6″ Armchari from Wayfair

Console Table: Stax 3-shelf console table from CB2

Picture Frames: Icon 11×11 White Picture Frames from Crate & Barrel

Beachy Prints: Banana Leaves No. 17 & Ocean Waves No. 2 from AriMo Fine Art

Bookends: Agate Stone Bookends from West Elm

Seagrass Baskets: 3 piece Seagrass Basket set from Wayfair

Drapes: Sheer drapes from Amazon

Drape Rod: Matte Black Drape Rod from Amazon

Dog Bed: Calming Dog Bed from Amazon

Faux Olive Tree: 82″ Olive Artificial Tree from Fiddle & Bloom on Havenly

Small Faux Palm: 4’ Kentia Artificial Palm Tree from Fiddle & Bloom on Havenly

Plant Baskets: Set of 2 Brown & White Raffia and Banana Leaf Baskets from Moss & Wilder on Havenly

Gold Bowl: Daniella Decorative Bowl from Studio Marcette on Havenly

Now I absolutely love our room and I hope it inspires you to make your room a place you love to be!!



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    THANK YOU SO MUCH KELSEY !! I’m an old follower of yours and in your contact email list as well.

    1. Thank you!! The barn door and framing was already installed in the house when we moved in!!