DIY: Glitter Shoes

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DIY! There is nothing like the feeling of walking into Joanne’s or Michael’s with a project in mind.  I bought some plain white shoes from Target about a week ago and had been thinking about jazzing them up a bit.  Then I got inspired by Joy the Baker once again by her Summer City Shoes.  So luckyily there is a Joannes next to the gym, and I had quite the productive night.

I didn’t know what color I wanted to do so I walked in with open eyes.  I saw black glitter and thought that would be pretty cool.  Then I saw multi-colored and I knew it was perfect!  I only glitterized (that’s totally a word) part of the shoe, but feel free to get glitter crazy and do the whole thing.  I might even go back and add more, but I like how they turned out for now.

The equipment I used: White shoes (12.99 at Target), Mod Podge, Glitter, Painters tape, and a Paint brush.

First, tape off the rubber sole of the shoe.

Then mix the glitter and mod podge together into a thick but still spreadable paste (more mod podge than glitter).

Brush the mixture on the area you want to glitterize.  The first coat will be pretty light, just to get a good base.  Let that dry for 20 minutes, then make coat #2 nice and thick.  Once that dries it should be almost done, just might need a few touch ups!

After finishing the back I decided I wanted to have glitter somewhere in the front as well, so I decided to add a little to the lining!

Once everything is dry, take off the tape and viola! GLITTER SHOES!

Now you can go out in the world with blingin shoes.  Pair it with some colored jeans and you are not to be messed with.  I am wearing them today and totally killing it… nbd. 

I am off to go wine tasting this weekend with some of my besties and I am so excited!  Now what are you doing still at the computer… go make some glitter shoes!!!

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