Has it really already been a month since my March Must Haves?!  Days are just flying by lately!  The warmer days lately have been making me immensely happy and Summer is around the corner.  I like to take these monthly posts to not only share my favorite things lately but also update you on my life!  Let’s see…

Matt and I babysat our nephew Jack last weekend and it was a combination of SO FUN and SO EXHAUSTING all in one!  Matt and I definitely want to start a family one day and this was great practice. He is such a love bug though and full of giggles so i’m sure he even made it easier on us than most.  Slides are the BEST!

Then of course there was Easter! We went to my parents house and enjoyed their newly remodeled kitchen! It is so beautiful and now we are both living in our dream kitchens! I also made quite an epic cheese plate that I have now been requested to make at basically every gathering.  Thank you Trader Joe’s for your amazing cracker, meat and cheese selections!

cheese plate

I am very excited for May because in a week I am heading to Salt Lake City for the Everything Food Conference!  It is a food blogger conference and I get to see so many of my blogger besties!! I am rooming with Chrissa from Physical Kitchness, Ashley from Fit Mitten Kitchen and Erin from Erin’s Inside Job and cannot wait see my girls Lee from Fit Foodie Finds and Davida from The Healthy Maven!

Now let’s talk about my FAVE THINGS!

The New Primal

If you follow me on instagram you know this company is one of my new faves!! They make jerky and meat sticks with super clean ingredients and everyone loves!  I gave my mom one and my sister and then got these texts!  The video was so cute of him munching on the turkey meat stick, so delish. Oh and the “besties” chat is my sisters and mom! 🙂

They not only have great standard beef and turkey jerky but they also have such good flavors!! Their Date and Rosemary Chicken Jerky is a fave and so is the barbecue stick.  All clean and sweetened with either date syrup on some or honey on a few! I like to get mine of Thrive Market!

New RX Bars!!

If you know me, you know I love RX Bars, and the new flavors are SO GOOD!  I love a little variety in life and these babies made Matt and I very happy!  The mixed berry is such a nice change from the standard bar and the chocolate peanut butter is like candy.

Lulu & Georgia Rug

We finally got a rug!! It took a little while but I am super glad we took the time to live in our space with our new couch to figure out what rug would look best.  Rugs can be expensive but I wanted one that was beautiful, soft and not break the bank.  Thank goodness my friend Lindsey told me about Lulu & Georgia and I found this rug in the largest size!  Love love love it!  Now we just ordered a new coffee table and we are actually doing an ottoman we can put a tray on.  I’ll show you the final room next month hopefully.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are soooo lovely!  I found myself using a lot of paper towels to wipe down my counters and knew it had to stop!  So I looked on amazon and got this 24 pack for under $14!  I love them and my counters are very happy too.


I hope you liked this wrap up and get some of these goodies for yourself! 🙂