All the details about going straight to formula from birth with bobbie formula!

Look at that happy baby!! Milo is 5 months old now and I am blown away with what a sweet and happy baby he is.  He is growing rapidly and was already in 6-9 month clothes at 4 months.  He is rolling over and jumping in his jumper any chance he can get.  I love him so so much and he loves his Bobbie formula!  In this post I want to share about my decision to go straight to formula from birth with Milo. After my traumatic experience breastfeeding Ruth for 6 weeks, I just knew I couldn’t do it to myself again.  With Ruth, I had to use nipple shields from the beginning because she couldn’t latch at all, then after she wasn’t gaining weight properly I had to start pumping after each feed which led to about 2/3 of each day being filled with pumping and feeding. I quickly got mastitis that was so bad there was no way to clear the clogged ducts besides drying up one boob.  That was at 2 weeks.  A few weeks later I got mastitis again and knew I was done.  The mental toll it all took on me was horrible and I never once enjoyed feeding my sweet girl until I shook up my first bottle of formula.

When I got pregnant with Milo I knew I wouldn’t even attempt breastfeeding.  I know my body and knew if I tried it again it would just be horrible.  With a toddler running around now there was no way I would have the mental capacity to take it all on.  5 months in and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I made that decision.  We give Milo Bobbie formula, which is a new formula on the market that is organic and FDA approved! He LOVES it!

All the details about going straight to formula from birth with bobbie formula!

All about Bobbie:

  • Organic & Non-GMO: Certified USDA organic
  • Pasture raised dairy from Organic Valley Farms: these cows graze outside!
  • DHA Omega 3: all the good fatty acid brain oils that supports brain and eye development and they are the only formula with 20mg of DHA! 
  • Healthy Fats (with coconut oil): a necessary nutrient
  • Whey & Casein: mature breast milk on average has a 60:40 whey to casein ratio. Bobbie’s whey to casein ratio is 60:40. Since whey is easier to digest, this ratio supports gentle digestion.

If you have been in the market for Formula in the last few years you might know that to find a good quality organic pasture raised formula, you had to get it from Europe.  I did that with Ruth! But everytime I told the pediatrician they were so hesitant because it wasn’t FDA regulated.  I still did it because nothing even compared that was in the US and FDA approved.  That is until Bobbie came around! I am so glad they were born right when Milo was. It is so nice to be on a subscription and just have it come once a month and not worry about it. Bobbie uses a European style recipe that is simple, thoughtful,  and sourced well. And you just know it’s good because it was created by moms! It happens to be the only female founded and led infant formula company in the US, which is just insane to me.

All the details about going straight to formula from birth with bobbie formula!

One thing people often ask about with Bobbie is how it is on Milo’s digestion.  Well every baby is different but from our experience it has been awesome!  For the first 2-3 weeks of his life he was on a European formula (before Bobbie launched) and his poops were pretty thick for a newborn.  When we changed to Bobbie they were much lighter in color and looser.  We weren’t sure if that was okay until I did more research and realized that Bobbie actually was just a lot more like breastmilk for digestion so that was why! Now that he is 5 months old his poops are still great and a bit more firm, but he has never been constipated.  He also rarely spits up which is AWESOME!

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Formula From Birth:

Knowing I wanted to go straight to formula I told my OB around 30 weeks about my plan.  She said great! She was so supportive which made it that much easier.  She told me that the nurses at the hospital might push it but to just ignore them.  Luckily my nurses were all amazing and didn’t push it at all or think twice when I told them.  That helped my mindset tremendously! I think if you go in with the confidence that it is YOUR baby and YOUR decision, it makes it much easier to ignore any outside opinions.

All the details about going straight to formula from birth with bobbie formula!

What to bring to the hospital:

  • 2-3 bottles & nipples
  • Dish soap (to clean the bottles)
  • Formula of your choice 

They had bottled formula safe water for us to use!  They also had formula I could have used but I wanted to use the stuff we had.  I got some questions asking if we used liquid formula in the hospital but nope, just the powdered mixed with water at the normal ratio.

Also don’t worry about knowing how much to give them right when they are born! The nurses will tell you.  I remember they told us his first feeding only needed to be around 10 cc’s which is a tiny amount. The nurses should tell you how much is okay and they have you keep track of amounts as well as the normal tracking of pees and poops while you are in the hospital.

How to dry up your breastmilk:

  • In the hospital before my milk came in I made sure to wear tight sports bras and I used the break and shake ice packs they had in my sports bra throughout the day to keep them from being stimulated.
  • Two days after he was born (on christmas!) my milk started to come in and boobs were getting large and HARD.  At that point I knew just using a tight sports bra and ice packs weren’t going to cut it.  So I started doing all of the things.
  • Rubbed peppermint essential oil (or sage) mixed with a little coconut oil or lotion all over my boobs throughout the day.
  • Kept cabbage in the fridge and would crunch the cold leaves in my hands then put them in my bra to coat my boobs (changing them out for new leaves every couple hours).
  • Sudafed!! Okay I didn’t find out about this one until about 2 days into this process when I read it in a forum.  I got the over the counter 24 hour sudafed and once I took that I saw a dramatic decrease.
  • No more milk teas – tried this Earth Mama brand and Pink Stork.
  • It took about 3 days or hard boobs until they slowly started to go down, then probably a total of 2 weeks until they were feeling empty and saggy again. They leaked about once a day just a few drops for another week and then I was done!

Formula Feeding Basics:

  • Baby Brezza is LIFE!  This formula maker is incredible and basically the Keurig of formula feeding. Use program 4 to prepare Bobbie with the Formula Pro Advanced and program 5 for the Formula Pro Original.
  • Bottles: We use Avent bottles and although Ruth liked the anti-colic nipples, we realized milo likes the natural nipples much more!
  • On the go: We love this formula dispenser for taking bottles on the go.  We just fill bottles with the corresponding water we need for how many scoops we added and mix before feeding him.  I also dispense warm water in the bottle so when he eats it’s either still a little warm, or just room temp!
  • Water: We fill up the baby brezza with water from our Reverse Osmosis water filter! With ruth we just used the filtered water from the fridge but you can also buy formula water or when in doubt of your water’s saftey, boil it then let it cool.

All the details about going straight to formula from birth with bobbie formula!

The moral of this story? You are a great mom no matter how you feed your baby! And if you need someone to tell you that formula can be amazing and life giving – here I am.  If you are having a baby soon, be sure to have a can of formula on hand just in case!

Again my code for Bobbie is “kelsey10”! This blog post was sponsored by Bobbie but all of the views are 110% my own!