PROBAR Bite Review & Giveaway!

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ProBar Giveaway

GIVEAWAYY!!!  These bars are so good!!  When I started eating more real foods I realized how often (like everyday) I ate protein bars.  I didn’t eat them to just get a lot of protein in but just to have an easy to grab snack that was under 200 calories and would give me energy to get through the rest of the workday/ fuel me for a workout after work.  Once I started reading the labels of them I realized they were packed with artificial sweeteners and lots of chemicals I probably shouldn’t consume everyday.  When eating real foods its easy to say, “just have fruit as a snack” or “carrots or a handful of nuts is great!”  But in reality I have about 3-4 snacks a day and they can’t all be fruit or carrots because I would get real sick of that real quick.  AND  sometimes you just want a tasty snack that doesn’t kill your diet.  Well these PRO BARs fit the bill.  I was doing research on Non GMO bars and came across them only to find out every flavor is super tasty AND clean!!  The peanut butter chocolate chip tastes so decadent and the chocolate cherry is perfectly sweet and tart.  They all have about 190 calories and are packed with gluten free grains, seeds and natural sweeteners.  These bars give me the perfect boost before a workout and satisfy my afternoon sweet tooth!  And guess what???  You can get a 12 pack of these babies if you enter the raffle below!

ProBar Giveaway

The Superfruit + Greens bars have tons of green goodness packed in them and taste amazinggg!! I am starting to see these bars pop up all over the place which is so nice and convenient for real foodies that need an on-the-go snack.

ProBar Giveaway

This pic isn’t great as it was getting late but do you see that huge chunck of dried cherry?!  YUM!

ProBar Giveaway

*** I was sent a 12 pack of PRO BAR bite bars but the review is completely my own opinion!***

Now it’s time for you to try them!


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  1. I love hiking and tanning on the beach! These probars look awesome, they’d be great beach or hiking snacks!