Change is so good.  Paint is SO great.   Putting a fresh coat of paint on something can change a whole room.  I bought this old black coffee table on craigslist back in September of 2012 for 40 bucks.  I knew I would paint it at some point but was fine with the black for those winter months.  I added glass to the top after I bought it which made it look a bit better, but I just got replacement window glass so it didn’t fit perfectly.  I am so excited about this because the colors turned out just how I wanted.     First I brought the coffee table outside and prepped my work area.

 Matt and I got out our trusty sanders.

We got to work.  Matt used the belt sander and it killed it compared to my softer sander.

But we got the job done! We also found this circular sander which worked really well.

We got very tired on sanding and figured we didn’t need to sand everything down perfectly because we were using a 2 in 1 paint and primer.  Once it was mostly sanded we cleaned off all of the dust and dirt.

The sun was beating down so this pic is washed out a bit, but this is after a double coat on top and a single coat on the bottom.

Once the whole table was painted, I noticed I didn’t reach the back of the legs well.  I thought I would have to turn the table over and paint them upside down.  Then I had the idea to paint them a different color to add a pop!  I had eyed this Martha Stewart Metallic Golden Pearl paint and knew it was perfect!

After taping the legs off I did a couple of coats of the gold paint.

Once the paint was dried I turned the table and brought it back inside!

Don’t they just add a great little bling?

The glass really finished the look and of course needed a few books, a buddha and some yellow roses!


If you have a weekend and want to revitalize your living room, repaint your coffee table!!

*** Paint color is BEHR’s Kiwi Squeeze.