In this episode, we discuss all things about their relationship!  From meeting in college, to figuring out life after and eventually getting married and having a baby.  We talk about communication, how we work through disagreements and the four questions they ask each other to check in. We hope you enjoy it!  Here are some fun photos of us throughout the last 11 years!

Sophomore year at a party… so happy!

Dodger game during junior year!

I remember this photo was taken as we were about to go wine tasting and just got the call that our offer was accepted on our condo!

Engagement night! I had clearly been crying for awhile…

And a wedding 10 months later.

Paramedic school graduation! We had worked so hard to get here.

Fam photos with little sadie girl!

And the best day, fire academy graduation with his department – finally hired!

Sweet Ruthie was born on 6/26!

And now we are happier than ever!!

4 Questions:

  • How are you today? (mentally & emotionally)
  • Today I appreciated when you….
  • What can I do for you tomorrow?
  • What will you do for self care tomorrow?