Easy Whole30 Side Dishes!

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Easy Whole30/Paleo Side Dishes for any occasion! Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free!

Anyone already planning how you are going to get yourself into awesome shape in the new year?  The more holiday parties I go to and free food at work around this time of year, the more I get excited about January!  Matt and I have already decided that we are going to embark on the Whole30 challenge next month.  I am so excited to reset my bod and tone down my cravings for mass amounts of dark chocolate at night.  Eating real foods has been a great way to get our bodies ready for this challenge and we are ready to up the ante! Wait. Do you even know what Whole30 is?  You can get all of the scoop HERE. But the short version is that you can’t eat grains, dairy, legumes, any sugar (real or artificial), alcohol or any processed anything!! So basically meat, veggies and fruit are A OKAY!  This could be hard to do if you aren’t so creative in the kitchen, but that’s what I am here for!! I have done a few Whole30 approved recipes before but decided to compile a couple of them along with some other awesome blogger recipes so you can get inspired!

I am a part of an awesome blogger community called The Blogger Project that Davida from The Healthy Maven and Lee from Fit Foodie Finds started together.  It is an awesome group of bloggers that just want to help each other and learn from each other!  And they are all amazing so please click through to their sites and check them out!

The first recipe on this list is my Spiced Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Butternut.  This dish is super simple and and the secret spice in the recipe really makes it stand out.

Spiced Spaghetti Squash with Butternut Squash & Pomegranate Seeds - a perfect paleo side dish for any occasion!

Chrissa from Physical Kitchness made these incredible looking Scalloped Sweet Potatoes that I can’t wait to try!! I think coconut milk will become my best friend during this challenge and I looooove my sweet potatoes!

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: easy light scalloped sweet potatoes recipe!

Davida from The Healthy Maven made this Cauliflower Rice Stuffing that I can first hand tell you is amazing!! I can definitely foresee making this all year round and it will definitely come in handy next month!

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: Cauliflower Rice Stuffing!

Spaghetti Squash is my favorite way to eat a bunch of something and not feel guilty about it!  Jessica & Stacie from Simply Nourished made this Spaghetti Squash with Garlic & Herbs and I can’t wait to try it soon!

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: Herbed Spagetti Squash

I made these Avocado Pesto Zoodles awhile ago and love this simple dish!  Avocado can be a replacement for so many things during Whole30 so I plan on stocking up.

Avocado Pesto Zoodles

Dixya from Food Pleasure & Health knows what is up with this Lemon Asparagus Cauliflower Rice!  I made cauliflower fried rice a lot but I absolutely love lemon and can’t wait to try this!

Easy Whole 30 Side Dishes: Asparagus Lemon Cauliflower Rice!

Laura from The Sassy Dietitian has the key to my heart with these Garlic Rosemary Smashed Potatoes!  Potatoes are one of those foods that people are afraid of, but I am PRO POTATO!! These look incredible and will be on my recipe list!

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: Garlic Rosemary Smashed Potatoes

Rebecca from Strength & Sunshine made these Raw Balsamic Tahini Beet Noodles that look to die for!  I love how creative she got with turning beets into noodles and I know my spiralizer with be turning pink with this recipe soon.

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: Raw Balsamic Tahini Beet Noodles!

And finally, Kaila from Healthy Helper made this Raw Zucchini Bacon!!!  I really need to get my hands on some liquid smoke and make this stat!

Easy Whole30 Side Dishes: Raw Zucchini Bacon


I hope you enjoyed these Whole30 Side Dishes and can’t wait to share my journey through this with you!!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my scalloped sweet potatoes friend! What a pleasant surprise to see this pop up on my Pinterest feed!! So many great options here I MUST try!!