After staring at about 5 pallet’s in my side yard for a few weeks, I decided to get some more use out of them.  My sister, boyfriend and I will be moving near the beach soon and I wanted to make some beach decor.   I cut a piece of pallet wood into the size I wanted, then printed out letters that spelled out BEACH.  I first painted the piece of wood white, and let it dry.  Then I layed out the letters to get an idea of my spacing.  I took a light green fine point sharpie and pressed down on the paper in dots, outlining the letter.  Then picked up the paper and traced the dots that had bled through.


Then all you have to do is paint your desired color in!

And continue down the board just like that…

Then I added an arrow in the mix, the beach is this way!

Once you are finished, let it dry and place it wherever you would like…. maybe a cluttered book shelf!