Short Cuts!  Everyone has them and everyone loves them.  Joy the Baker and Shutterbean are 2 food bloggers that I adore.  You have to check them out!  They do a podcast every Wednesday night  at Home and I listen to it every Thursday.  They are hilarious and awesomely entertaining.  This week they talked about short cuts!  It is quite a coincidence too because just this morning I used one of my newest and favoritest short cuts,  cooking things in a waffle iron!  I leave for work at around 7:20 on a good day, and my boyfriend was getting off a 24 EMT shift this morning at 7.   I wanted to whip up something for him to have for breakfast and had store bought cinnamon rolls in the fridge.

Just pop a cinnamon roll in the waffle iron! I did a few right in the middle and one in a fourth of the pan.

Close it up for abour 90 seconds…

Voila! Warm, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside… delicious!  Just top with the icing and you have a quick breakfast!  And a happy boyfriend!