Bandit Wine: A Review!

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These Bandit Wines are both Portable & Affordable, what is better than that?

Summer officially starts tomorrow!!!  Unfortunately when you are an adult you don’t get a summer break.  But if you work 8-5 you do find how wonderful it is that the sun doesn’t set until around 8.  Even with my 30 minute commute, I can get home and have time to run to the beach for a picnic and throw in this Bandit Wine!  Seriously what is a picnic without wine??  I found this Bandit Wine at World Market and picked it up for two reasons.  It is portable and affordable!! Only after I got it did I realize that it also tastes amazing.  They somehow pack 3 glasses of wine in one of these “juice boxes” as we call them.  If you have a group of people that like different kinds of wine, these Bandit Wines are perfect to throw in a bag on the go.  They also have larger versions with a bottle and a half!  Box wine for the win.  It is also great to drink out of the carton on your couch… just sayin’.  I love the Red Wine Blend because it has extreme drinkability, good job Bandit Wine!!!   Maybe it’s too good?  But I don’t think that could even be a thing.   I also prefer to drink my wine with a meat and cheese plate… but to each their own.  Oh and another side note?  This awesome beach/ picnic blanket?  Its actually a table cloth from World Market.  But it works perfectly as a blanket!  And if you think about it, we are using is kind of like a table…

I think the moral of this whole story is that I am in love with World Market.  It sucks you in and doesn’t let you leave without some new decor and worldly treats!  And that is just fine with me.  If you are interested in these wines, go to their website here and click on find our wines to find some close to you!

These Bandit Wines are both Portable & Affordable, what is better than that?

 The Chardonnay is to die for too!! I am just loving these Bandit Wines!

These Bandit Wines are both Portable & Affordable, what is better than that?

 Have a great weekend!! And be sure to grab yourself one of these Bandit Wines, they do not disappoint!

Nutrition for Bandit Wine

Treat yo self and don’t worry so much about the nutrition if you are going to have an after work beverage a day here or there! Enjoy!



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