6-12 Month Baby Must Haves

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This list of 6-12 month baby must haves will get you ready for craziness!

Wow babies need a lot of stuff!! One day I wonder how I can live without some of these things and the next day the only thing Ruthie wants to play with is a cardboard amazon box.  But for the most part, these products have saved us!  This age is so full of wonder and learning and it is so fun to give her some tools to help her explore.  Ruth is officially going to be 11 months on Sunday but I am pretty sure we won’t be getting anything new in the next month so that is why these are my 6-12 month baby must haves!  For newborn product must haves I have a blog post all about those things that saved us in the first few months.  Let’s get started!

Joovy Walker – We actually first started using this when she was about 4 months old, just as a seat for her.  We used to put a little muslin blanket in with her to keep her stable.  Now she runs around in it like crazy!! She is just about grown out of it already but it was great for quite awhile.

Baby gate – Every house is different but our house is pretty open and not huge.  We didn’t have room to make a full on play area, so we have 2 baby gates that block off the hallway and the kitchen so she can play in the living room without being able to go out of sight or go crawl over to sadie’s water bowl or the oven.  They are life savers!

Boon Teether – I can’t say enough good things about this teether!  The silicone makes it easy to clean if you put anything messy in there like frozen fruit, but my favorite thing to put in is ice.  She loves the feel of the ice and when it melts she gets a little water!  She gets so excited and I always keep one in the diaper bag.

Music Activity Table – This was a gift and she absolutely loves it! The legs come off so at first, before she could pull herself up, we kept it on the ground and she could hit all the buttons and was so excited.  When she started standing we put the legs on and now she goes over to it all the time to play the piano and shake her little booty to the beat!

Puppy Walker – This little walker has just started to get used a ton in the last month!  She is so close to walking it is crazy.  We stand her up with her hands on the bar and she flys across the room!  It does make sounds too but we never put batteries in it because we have enough toys that make sound for now.

Baby’s First Blocks – Ruthie mostly loves to throw these blocks, chew on them, or put the bucket on her face and make noises into it.  Any way she uses it, she loves it!

Sofie the Giraffe – Oh our dear friend Sofie.  The hype on this thing is REAL!  She just loves chewing on it – the ears, the legs, the neck… sofie is the best!

Pacifier Clips – I used these mostly for our teething toys! We have a few little ones and we had to clip them on her or she would throw them.


Counter High Chair – This was a Christmas present when she was 6 months old and just starting to eat! We have a counter where we eat most meals so we clamp it in the middle and she loves being part of the action.  It is also nice to be able to take this out and about or over to other peoples houses so you don’t have to worry about high chairs!

Boon Cup Cover – We just started using this and it has been so great!  I have given Ruth smoothies a few times and we use these covers to cover the cup and make sure smoothie doesn’t go everywhere. She even threw the cup on the ground and nothing came out!

Bumkins Plate – We are still not at an age where I can fully put a plate in front of her without her trying to swat everything off, but I serve up her meals on this to make sure I am giving her a mix of things and also… for photos of course!

Camelbak Water Bottle – Ruthie picked up on drinking out of a straw so easily because of this thing and it is so nice!  She loves water and loves drinking out of this bottle so much that I have to take it away and hide it from her because until she is 1, it is best to only have a few ounces of water a day.

Avent Formula Dispenser – This has been great for taking bottles on the go!  We always have this filled with the right amount of formula for bottles that we fill with water before we leave the house.

Avent Bottles – Linking these again in this post because they are still working great for us!

Bottle Labels – We use the bottle labels for when we take Ruth to school!  It so nice that they are dishwasher safe and reusable.

Bentgo Lunchbox – We just started using this lunch box for Ruth to take to school and it’s great!  The tray is dishwasher safe and the plastic is BPA free and free of any chemicals.

Choome Pouch Top – These are AMAZING! If you use pouches ever you need these.  They make it so your baby can only suck stuff out of the pouch and they can’t squeeze it out all over the floor and/or your pets.

Numnum Gotensils – These were our go-to spoons for the first few months of baby led weaning!  They are also great for babies just to teeth with.

Bamboo Utensils – My sister got us these for christmas and we just started using them!  They are super cute and perfect as she gets started learning how to use them.


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