The Genuine Joy podcast is now out and ready for you to tune in!  We are SO excited to share with you our new passion project.  This podcast is hosted by myself and my husband Matt, to share how we find genuine joy in our lives.  I get asked all of the time how we are so happy all of the time and we wanted to set the record straight.  We aren’t happy all the time!  We go through a lot of real life, real hard stuff and want to share that with you too.  We are opening up about everything from marriage, self care, hormones, food, family, being new parents, and the list goes on.  So if you want to hear about our lives and how we insert joy into them whenever we can, then this is the podcast for you!  Today we have our first two episodes out so I am going to throw the show notes for them right into this post.  Be sure to head to itunes, spotify, stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts and rate and review it!  We will be releasing new episodes every other week so stay tuned.

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In this episode we go over what brings us joy day to day and how we strive to find it.  As new parents we have found that working to find things that make us happy daily is very important to keep the whole family happy!  We talk about how joy effects us on a cellular level and how it even can effect your digestion.



In this episode we chat with Dr. Patti Haebe, an integrative doctor who combines the best of modern medicine  with the ancient wisdom of eastern medicine. She has extensive training in all things hormones and it is a joy to listen to her drop some knowledge.

This episode covers:

  • Seed cycling and why it works
  • Various forms of birth control
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Endocrine disputers
  • Living a balanced life

We discuss adrenal fatigue and Dr. Haebe talks about supplements she recommends including

Wired & Tired:  Phosphatidylserine, Tyrosine and Magnesium

Flatlined with no cortisol:  Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5

Like she says in the episode, taking a salivary test is the best way to see what shape your adrenals are in.  Matt is going to take one himself and we will keep you posted on the results!

Period tracking app I use is called “P Tracker”

Dr. Haebe resides & practices in Arizona but also does phone consultations.  Click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consult!

Follow her over at @dr.patti_haebe on instagram!



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