Chocolate Rolo Cookies

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6:30- AHH ITS FRIDAY!!!!

11:30 – “oh i just love fridays! laughing, working, talking about our weekends, yay!

1:00 – “omg this day will never end.”

2:30 – “are there seriously 2 more hours left?  I think I might just leave, my brain does not work anymore!”


I know it is going to happen, and every friday those afternoon hours sneak up on me and bring me down.  But wait! I remember that I made delicious cookies last night and brought a few to work! But I am on a diet… so I heated them up in the microwave for the lucky souls who got to try them.  Afterall… I did eat 2 last night… and about 5 rolos…. but that dinner was healthy!

Back to it being Friday.  If you work hard all week, eat healthy, and work out, then geeeez do you deserve a cookie and a beer.  Or as R Kelly would say, “it’s the freakin weekend baby i’m about to have me some fun.”

These cookies are a cinch. childs play. facile. elementary. a piece of cake. ha! i get it.  I do hope I am smarter than I sound sometimes… although I did just look up easy on for all of those synonyms.  Let’s just get back to what I do best.

Mix up a little cake mix with eggs and oil.

Another 4 ingredient recipe to make everyone smile 🙂  Just scoop up the dough in your hand and flat it out a little.  Then place the rolo onto, followed by another scoop of dough.  And if you really want to get crazy, add a pretzel to the mix!

Then just pinch the sides together to cover the inside goodness, pop them on a parchment covered cookie sheet, and wait.  8 whole minutes.  Try not to sing Madonnas song “Hung Up”…

Then take them out and wait as long as humanly possible, so about 5 minutes, throw some powdered sugar on them, then bite into this goodness.


Chocolate Rolo Cookies


-1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix

-1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil

-2 Eggs

-1 pkg. Rolo candies


Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.  Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Mix together first 3 ingredients. Scoop a small piece of dough into your hand and flatten. Place the rolo on top, then another smaller piece on top of that.  Pinch the sides together until rolo is covered.

Bake for 8 minutes.  Sprinkle with powedered sugar. Serve Warm.

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