Chocolate Banana Frozen Greek Yogurt

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Chocolate Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt

Oh ice cream.  You are so dangerously delicious.  You are even more dangerous when you are made from greek yogurt and topped with sprinkles.   If you know me, you know I love sprinkles.  I have 2 huge jars at home, one rainbow, one chocolate.  I put them on most things.  I am envisioning a sprinkle pizza situation but its too soon to tell.  This fro yo is so creamy and delish.  Like in a OMG that tastes like ice cream kind of way.  I love the chocolate banana flavor combo too.  You can make this with any kind of greek yogurt for your desired taste though.

Chocolate Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt

Sprinkles are a must!!! For me at least 🙂

Chocolate Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt

For this recipe visit my post on Health Beauty Life!

Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt

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