We’re baaaaaaack!!  WOW.  I felt like we were just gone for a month!  If you follow me on social media you know that the hubby and I just got home from a week long California Coast road trip.  We went from Long Beach to San Luis Obispo for 2 days, then up the coast through Big Sur, Santa Cruz for 2 days then San Fransisco/ Berkeley for 3 days and shot down the 5 home!  If you are ever considering doing this trip, here is my recap from the road!


San Luis Obsipo: We LOVED SLO!!!! It’s one of those places that just seems so perfect.  Super walkable, great restaurants, cool vibe aaaand our hotel had free beer and wine for 2 hours every night.  Haha – we were on vacay so that was HUGE! Our favorite places to eat?

SLO Brew: We sampled some beers and, I had a salad and most of Matt’s fries and he had an HUGE Burger with like 4 kinds of meat.  We met one of the managers and she was awesome!!  We talked about doing Whole30 and the struggle of balanced eating – it was great!


These sweet potato fries where amazing!


SLO has this gum filled wall we found at the end of our night – pic might be blurry but you can tell how much fun we were having!!


Before we left for Santa Cruz, we stopped at the cutest place for breakfast!

Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe: A perfect place to grab a healthy and wholesome bite. Local, organic – the whole 9.  I had this incredible everything bagel topped with organic cream cheese, toasted sunflower seeds, local organic tomatoes, avocados, and local organic microgreens.  It was perfection.


Big Sur!  I wish I could report more on this place but is was MEGA foggy/ smokey from the fire that was going on near by.  We stopped at Nepenthe to see the view and you couldn’t even see water with how thick the fog smoke was.  But we stopped and walked through the cute little shop there, smelled some essential oils and got a coffee.  It was a nice little break!


Oh and we saw ELEPHANT SEALS along the way!!!!!


Then we continued up the coast and stopped through Monterey!  We walked around the little shops and got lunch.   I of course yelped “sandwiches” nearby and found a tiny gyro deli inside a little market.  I had the chicken gyro sandwich and matt had regular gyro.  We ate them as we walked back to the car and were SO HAPPY.  Homemade tzatziki for the win!

Then it was just another hour up to Santa Cruz and we checked into our hotel.  It was a bit chilly but so nice to take a night to get to bed early and rest!  The next morning we got up and went to a walk to watch some surfers!  It was so fun to see and we were happy as ever.


Then after another great day in Santa Cruz we headed up the coast to San Fransisco!! We passed through the city, went over the Golden Gate Bridge and shopped a little.  Then we got into Berkeley where we were staying with friends.  I needed some serious greens after a long few days of pizza and desserts so we went to this cute little place called Home Grown and got this amazing salad.


The next few days were nothing but fun with our best friends Lindsey and Saman! We played tons of games, tried fun restaurants and went wine tasting in Napa!  We headed home on Sunday with full hearts, a head cold and maybe a few extra pounds, but it was one of the best trips of our lives!!