By: Lindsey  

 As a lover of all things fashion and believer in all things Kelsey McGinley, I decided to succumb to her invite into the addictive world that is Pinterest. As those of you who have an account know (all too well), it isn’t until hours pass and your knee-deep in tab after tab of random websites each pin you took a ‘liking’ to led you, that you realize “am I actually going to buy any of this sh*t?!” Well, I am proud to say that I have purchased my very first Pinterest-inspired piece of clothing and I couldn’t be happier. I took a particular liking (that quickly turned into obsession) to a neon yellow and neutral beige pull-over sweater from Madewell (Pinterest post that got me below!) and within a couple of days I threw up my hands (and my wallet) and made the purchase. 

Style tip: Buy a piece of clothing that speaks loudly, but can be worn with many different things. The must-have wardrobe staple right now is color, so buy something eye-catching (like this sweater) and don’t be afraid to pair it with another (more subtle) pop of color. Check out how I wore it with a pair of rolled up skinnies and bright blue flats.  I also wore it over a fuchsia dress with neutral heels and bag to Mother’s Day dinner and it was a hit!



FYI: I will be contributing to Little Bits Of… weekly, but my own website is COMING SOON, so stay tuned and get excited.