Happy Friday!!  Time for a new series, don’t ya think?  With my new life – aka – working for myself, from home full time, and being in a new home – I realized there are so many new things I love lately!  So I decided it’s about time to share them all with you here so maybe you could love them too!  There will likely always be food but I am also talking about products and podcasts!  I would love to know what you are loving lately too in the comments below!

Eating Evolved Chocolate

Okay people let’s talk Chocolate.  After getting my Pinnertest results at the end of January and seeing that Cane Sugar was a no no for me I started to read my chocolate labels and was SO SAD! I love chocolate and it seemed like every brand had cane sugar added.  Then I found Eating Evolved and was SO HAPPY!!! They sweeten their chocolate with coconut sugar which makes it A-OKAY! Oh and did I  mention they make these coconut butter cups that are life changing?  And sadly I just learned that their Roasted Coconut Butter is Whole30 compliant!  I can’t wait to drizzle it over my sweet potato toast and smoothie bowls now! I find this stuff mostly at Whole Foods but you can buy them on their website or Amazon too!


A new thing for me: Skin Care!! I have always been a skin care minimalist and have been way behind in the moisturizing game.  I have always know that taking care of your skin is important but it was never top of mind since my teenage acne subsided. But now that I am about to turn 28 I thought it was time to look into this!  While you know over the last 2 years I have moved to a cleaner lifestyle when it comes to food, I hadn’t even thought about what my body was eating via my skin every day! So my first step into overhauling my skincare was trying out some Beautycounter products to see if I even liked them at all.  I was so excited after trying the charcoal mask and anti aging skin care and had to share it with you! The products are super clean and actually WORK! And right now you can get a free eye cream & lip conditioner if you spend $150!  Winning!! Check it out now by clicking HERE and I will probably be showing you my love for their face mask on instagram stories A LOT in the near future!

Simple Mills

Where are my grain free lovers at?? Ever since Whole30 I have just found that sticking with a mostly grain free diet does my body good, and it is soooo easy these days thanks to brands like Simple Mills!! They have tons of grain free products from pre-made stuff like crackers to box mixes for waffles, bread, pizza dough, muffins and more!  They are all SUH good and you can find them at Whole Foods or of course on their website or Amazon!

Open Wood Shelving

If you follow me on instagram you know we just got our kitchen remodeled and I am obsessed!! The final part of the remodel was installing these beautiful wood shelves we found on Etsy from the shop KPrimitiveCrafts!  I still need to get a few things to decorate them properly but what we had on hand was a good start.  Most of our kitchen is white  and gray to having these open shelves brings a bit more character and design to the space!

Young House Love Podcast

Speaking of design! Years ago when we were looking to buy a condo I was super jazzed on learning everything I could about DIY and design.  If you didn’t know, I used to do DIY posts on my blog all the time! But once we moved into our small condo I realized that A- there wasn’t room to do any projects, and B – there were no projects to do!  It was a small space that was already in good condition (once we redid the floors) so really the only thing we did ourselves was some crown molding in the bathroom.  But now we have a HOUSE! With projects up the ying yang and a budget that has dwindled very quickly.  So I am back on the DIY train and ready to go!  Do you know about the Young House Love blog? I used to love love love it and just found out they have a podcast now! They are the cutest couple and do tons of stuff around the house by themselves which Matt and I need to do. So if you are into design, DIY and cute couples, you gotta listen!