March edition of Little Bits of Monthly Must Haves - all of the food, beauty product and podcasts I am loving!

It’s time once again for Little Bits Of Monthly Must Haves!! I love this new series to get to share with you guys what I am loving lately – everything from food to beauty products to podcasts! I love hearing from other people what they are loving too so feel free to leave a comment with what you are into right now too!


I am having a moment with fresh strawberries.  When you have a ripe one it can be the most perfect snack or dessert in the world!!  My favorite brand is California Giant Berry Farms – they are always just perfect and guaranteed to be delish.  Here is a pic of some strawberries we took poolside while in Palm Spring this week!

California Giant Berry Farms

Wildway Grain-free Granola

Okay grain-free granola is my new obsession!! I love having handfuls for a snack of pouring it over yogurt or smoothie bowls for breakfast.  Wildway is one of my favorite brands.  It is a softer granola which i like and the flavors are unreal! I first got hooked on their Vanilla Bean Espresso flavor but now the Coconut Cashew has my heart!


Okay I talked about my love for BeautyCounter last month but this month I want to tell you about the face cleanser I am using!!  I absolutely love this stuff and my face feels so great after a few weeks of using it.  So glad to be slowly transitioning my skin care to some natural products and really stand by this company!

BeautyCounter Cream Cleanser

Salad Bowl

On instagram lately I have been sharing my love for salads and a huge help to my obsession is our new salad bowls!! Our regular bowls were much too small to fit a nice filling salad so we got these and they are not only the perfect size but also SUPER instagram worthy!!


Not sure if I have talked about Fabletics much but I have been a member for around 6 months and LOVE it!! If you are a member you pay $49 a month and get an outfit for anything worth $49 basically.  They have great sales for members too like this past month I got 2 pairs of leggings and a sports bra – AMAZING! The Salar capri is one of my favorites and they are always on sale!




If you loved Serial, you have to listen to this one! It has only been out for a few days and Matt and I are already almost done with the whole thing.  It has twists and turns and it was perfect for our drive back from Palm Springs.  2 nights ago we even turned off the TV to listen, it’s that good! 🙂

S-town podcast


That’s So Maven

My friend Davida from The Healthy Maven started this podcast recently and every episode has been incredible!  She talks all things health, wellness, body positivity and so much more!  Everyone who has been interviewed has their own gems of wisdom and opens your mind to new ways of thinking.  The most recent episode with Megan Bruneau is so incredible and spoke to my heart!

That's so Maven Podcast