Guest Post:

By Monica Powers


Hello Friends,

It’s your favorite guest blogger, Monica! I wanted to share my newest obsession in the world of high fashion jewelry. Spread the word, my dearest friend Mackenzie Kassis of Kenz Kouture has the most amazing bracelets, necklaces and rings! I am officially obsessed!

Here is a little bit about my friend Mackenzie and her phenomenal jewelry line:

Mackenzie Kassis founded Kenz Kouture in January 2012 after a lifetime of adoration for making jewelry. “Since I was a little girl I have always loved crafting and making fun jewelry, after all, every princess needs her jewels.” While Mackenzie was in college, she started making wire wrapped rings for her friends for their birthdays and holidays. The trend caught on quickly as the friends were quick to show off their jeweled rings and the requests started flowing in.

Mackenzie sources her materials from local gem fairs, through etsy, and San Francisco bead stores. The products are currently available on her website, at select boutiques, and at a variety of trunk shows.

Check her out and spread the word! Stay fab, Monica!