You can set your desired temperature using the Intuitive Keypad on this panel. Heating and cooling with auto defrost. You can also count on its Energy-Efficiency nature that saves you on the heating bill. A quality heat pump pool heater is an excellent investment that can cost you thousands of dollars. Heat energy is taken out of the surrounding air and then is transfered by heat exchanger to the pool water. COOLING AND HEATING INVERTER POOL HEAT PUMP SERIES. The product was designed to allow for horizontal installation to enable you to fit it in places with limited space. You can manage the temperature using the Digital Controls to obtain precise heating without a hassle. If you are looking for a fast heating system the HX is for you. Another great feature is the Easy Side Access that minimizes installation time and allows you to fit standard fittings. Sizes Available: 5.6kW - 90.0kW. A heater extends the time that you can use you pool but we always recommend gas heaters for spas. You can now get the best electric heat pump pool heater for your facility and prolong your swimming season. Solar Pool Covers are able add 6 to 8 degrees in summer months and due to their insulation properties they are great to use in conjection with any pool heater. Instructional video below on a DIY installation of a pool pump. For the same heater and the same heat output, the plumbing method can ha… It uses the same technology as reverse-cycle air conditioners, extracting heat from the air and transferring it to water through a series of processes. All of our pool heat pumps and pool heaters include FREE delivery to most UK postcodes.We also deliver Worldwide and to All European countries. A Heat pump is the most energy efficient solution to heat your pool in warmer climates. Based on the same principles employed in air conditioners and refrigerators, the AstralPool Heat Pump extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere around us and delivers its … The principal advantage of a pool heat pump is its high efficiency and low energy cost. They can also last for decades if you maintain them, meaning you do not need to buy another one in the future. Heat Pumps are the best choice for maintaining temperature. The unit comes with a Profiled Fan Blade and Acoustic Compressor Cover to assure you of quiet operation. You can now get the best electric heat pump pool heater for your facility and prolong your swimming season. Our heat pumps use R410A or R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers the heat into the pool water through a series of processes. It comes with a host of features including full inverter compressor and top discharge fans for a streamlined efficient airflow. Another great thing is the Durable Material that prevents rust and corrosion due to harsh climate. A pool cover will also greatly reduce water loss from evaporation. Heat-cool pool heat pumps (also called pool chillers) can give you a longer swimming pool season by cooling your pool water on hot summer days, and warming the water in the spring and fall when the ambient air temp can sometimes be in the low 40's. A Heat Pump is not an electric heater but is like a reverse cycle-air-conditioner. Starting From Only R16,400.00. Gas Heaters are the most common type of heaters used on pools and spas. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Another great feature is the Ultra-Gold Rusts Resistance Evaporator that adds durability to your heater. A heat pump does not generate heat, it simply captures it and moves it from air to water thus, providing an efficient an environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool. Specifically designed to extend the swimming season of your pool and maintain a warm water temperature for up to 8 months a year, the Oasis X9, X13 and X19 are our most popular Pool Spa Heat Pumps. A heat pump pool heater is an advanced-technology pool-heating solution that maintains efficiency even after years of use. Extend your swimming season with year round pool heating applications. A pool cover is the most effective way to reduce heat loss, a pool without a cover will lose 2-3 times more heat than a covered pool. There are three possible plumbing methods for pool heating: 1. in series 2. in series with a booster pump, or 3. independently plumbed Some heating types dictate the plumbing method and others you have a choice. Table 1. There is also a Titanium Heat Exchanger that guarantees maximum heat transfer for reliable and efficient operation. Please call us to discuss options for pool heaters. Specialising in Swimming Pool Heating Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Bubble Blanket Covers. It is a system that provides up to 20,000 BTU per hour to ensure that you swim in warm water within hours. An electric pool heating system is quite simply far too expensive to use. The other model uses metal scrolls to compress the air as opposed to pistons, making it more efficient. See More. That means you can have the confidence of using the heater for decades and get Value for Money. Environmental refrigerant gas absorbs and transfers the great heat energy through the refrigeration circulation system.

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