$9.99. Hair is toned and polished; perfectly smooth with rich reflects from roots to ends. That means covering the sections of gray hair you want covered, formulating a hair color shade that’s flattering and youthful and adjusting that hair color formula over time as your hair and your percentage of gray hair changes. And an added benefit is the fact that these hair color formulas contain healthy ingredients like camelina oil that help soften resistant gray hair.”. Grey Coverage Whether you are looking for 50% or 100% grey hair, from a classic color to a modern color, Matrix offers a range of options for coloring grey hair without the need to formulate or use additives. What’s more, Color Sync contains conditioning oils that nourish and soften your hair, which helps to prevent those wiry gray hairs from springing up at unnatural angles! Developer Volume: 10, 20, 30, 40 Lightening Volume: Up to level 1,2, 3, 4 MIXING Aug 7, 2016 - Matrix Hair Color Charts With Socolor Color Chart Matrix Color Sync Chart. Matrix socolor color chart. Cookies and related technology are used for advertising. $9.00. January 2020. Color Chart. Discover the bold, rich full-bodied look of a tone-on-tone colour. Enrich dark bases with Dark Envy. June 2020. Privacy Policy and This is for the client who wants rich, radiant gray hair coverage with visible, multi-tonal peaks and valleys in the finished hair color result. Determine the natural level you are starting with. The first hair color powered by CERA-Oil™ Conditioning Complex to restore tresses to their natural appearance. Seeing Red? In honor of the launch, Matrix is hosting “Battle of the Blondes.” Balayage vs. Ombré: What's The Difference? See Color Chart FORMULATING For Basic Rules - 1. At this point, you probably don’t need or want to cover up your hair color completely. 1 pkt of SOCOLOR Cult Color Eraser with 2 fl. These new shades launch May, 2015. If you prefer complete, “every-gray-hair-accounted-for” gray hair coverage, an opaque, full-bodied formula like Matrix SOCOLOR Extra Coverage permanent hair color is your best bet. Think every combination of every color of the rainbow—that’s how endless your hair color … Seeing Red? NO AMMONIA! Discover the ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color by Matrix. {TITLE} COLORINSIDER is a no-ammonia, precision permanent haircolor that maximizes high-definition color results with minimum stress to the hair's cuticle for outstanding shine. Sorry, we could not find any salons/spas in your area. Determine the tonal value desired. Professional hair color companies now offer a variety of excellent professional hair color products for covering gray hair. Take the Total Results Hair Quiz to find the right products for you! It also contains ceramides, jojoba oil and soy bean to condition and smooth unruly gray hair textures. Gray hair also tends to change hair texture.