Check your source and choose a sustainably harvested option. According to the USDA, white sage is not endangered, threatened, or even at risk at this time( 2). Endangered White Sage: Procuring Organic Cultivated Salvia Apiana. Although it isn’t endangered, it is being over-harvested and this is a big problem. By Richo Cech This is an excerpt from Richo’s book,Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs. This plant is sacred to them. You can also buy small sage plants at your local nurseries or from online catalogs. It won’t stay that way though if harvesting practices don’t change. Notes on American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.)…As long as the minimum requirements of appropriate temperature, soil and shade are met, some success in cultivating ginseng outside … She doesn't list if this is 400 pounds of dry or wet plant material, but either way, that's a lot of plant material. Overharvesting by wildcrafters for sale to retail chain stores and brands is threatening the survival of white sage. From what I’ve read online, the majority of arguments say white sage is endangered and it is culturally inappropriate to... Read more » ... White sage, also called bee sage and sacred sage, is an evergreen perennial shrub native to the American Southwest and northwestern Mexico and is of profound importance to local indigenous people. Palo Santo is also endangered, if you want to use white sage buy the seeds and grow it yourself so you are not adding to the stress the wild strains are facing currently. White ppl did that shit. This statement also tends to inspire objections, since white sage isn't technically endangered, according to both United Plant Savers and the San Diego Botanic Garden — … At this point Im either going to grow my own somehow or switch to a sage that natively grows in Africa. Or, you could just use regular sage and not appropriate North American Indigenous practices. But it has been over-harvested. And still, white sage is technically not endangered under the IUCN. If you are lucky enough to live in southern California, most nurseries have a native plant section with a great variety of different sage plants. Although white sage is not listed on the Endangered Species List, conservationists are still concerned about the future survival and distribution of the species. The real fucking issue is how commercialized this shit has gotten. The Truth About White Sage and Palo Santo by Shae Windsong April 07, 2019 Recently there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about white sage and palo santo—the two most popular smudging tools. They sale sage and palo santo (another endangered plant/tree) in walmart now. Wild white sage sources are being depleted and endangered. However, in 2018, Sue Leopard reported via the United Plant Savers that four people were arrested for the illegal harvest of 400 pounds of white sage. Thats a raise of concern. White sage is notoriously difficult to start from seed or propagate from cuttings but is worth the effort. It is, however on the “to watch” list as of 2018 (3). Although not listed as an endangered species, it’s considered to be a plant of special concern by conservationists and illegal to harvest from public lands. Alternately, you may wish to simply use another cleansing herb like Black sage, Garden sage, Holy Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Cedar, Juniper, Pine or Wormwood. BUT the main issue is that the sage is endangered.

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