Finally, you will choose one optional course from a wide range of courses to match your interests. You are also expected to complete independent study outside of class time. We carefully consider each application on an individual basis, taking into account all the information presented on your application form, including your: - academic achievement (including predicted and achieved grades)- statement of academic purpose- two references- CV, See further information on supporting documents. This programme is for anyone who wants to learn and apply behavioural science to their work and improve outcomes for others, for example: Participants share their experience of Behavioural Science in Practice. Regrettably, late applications cannot be accepted. Find out about opportunities to visit LSE. Working with communities across the UK to better understand cultural differences and reduce misunderstandings. An immersive three-day executive programme run by Warwick Business School and the Behavioural Insights Team, introducing key principles from behavioural science and how to apply them to real world problems. Who’s it for? 2) Go to the International Students section of our website. Funding deadline for needs-based awards from LSE: 29 April 2021. Whatever your interests or appetite you will find something to suit your palate and pocket in this truly international capital. Countering terrorism Providing better data on which to base suspicions and methods for testing suspicions. You can tell us about this passion in your statement of  academic purpose. Changes can take the form of altered course content, teaching formats or assessment modes. In this 12 month full-time programme, you will take three compulsory courses to the value of two units. BSc Psychological and Behavioural Science Psychological and behavioural science focuses on how people think and behave. This programme provides a distinctive social science and practical policy-oriented approach to psychological and behavioural science. In addition to our needs-based awards, LSE also makes available scholarships for students from specific regions of the world and awards for students studying specific subject areas. Summative assessment will consist of essays, video presentations, reports, examinations, and a dissertation. Dates: 28-30 April 2021. Want to find out more? A postgraduate loan is available from the UK government for eligible students studying for a first master’s programme, to help with fees and living costs. London is an exciting, vibrant and colourful city. On campus. This interdisciplinary course is based in the life sciences at the interface with psychology. Articles covering, analysis, strategy, insight and research. LSE is an international community, with over 140 nationalities represented amongst its student body. We offer pre-course English for Academic Purposes programmes; English language support during your studies; modern language courses in 9 languages; proofreading, translation and document authentication and language learning community activities. Quantitative Approaches for Behavioural Science*Introduces the main statistical background of behavioural research from psychology and economics. University of Warwick Understand the underlying factors driving human behaviour on Behavioural and Data Science MSc. Behavioral Science Core Courses. If you have studied or are studying outside of the UK then have a look at our Information for International Students to find out the entry requirements that apply to you. Class teachers and seminar leaders – they will be able to assist with queries relating to a specific course you are taking. (See Teaching and assessment). See the fees and funding section for more details. We do require students to be passionate about studying Behavioural Science and its applications. The Behavioural Insights Team – also known as the Nudge Unit – is now a social purpose company. The programme is taught by specialists at the forefront of research in behavioural science, and is rooted at the intersection of economics and psychology. Dissertation in Behavioural ScienceAn independent research project of 10,000 words on an approved topic of your choice. The last date for receipt of complete applications is 5pm Friday 13th November 2020. LSE uses a range of formative assessment, such as essays, problem sets, case studies, reports, quizzes, presentations, mock exams and many others. Department librarians – they will be able to help you navigate the library and maximise its resources during your studies. If you are applying to LSE from outside of the UK then take a look at our Information for International students. Active groups of students and alumni discussing contemporary issues in their field, and meeting up socially. Find details on LSE's upcoming visits. We encourage applications from a range of disciplines within the social sciences and beyond, and have previously accepted students with backgrounds in Economics, Psychology, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Management, Law, and Marketing. Humber’s Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree program provides you with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for in-depth work in the behavioural science field … All taught courses are required to include formative coursework which is unassessed. Details The fee for the programme is £3,900. It's also an academic city, with more than 400,000 university students. For more information about tuition fees and entry requirements, see the fees and funding and assessing your application sections. Our behavioural science students benefit from the vibrant research culture within the Stirling Behavioural Science Centre with a regular programme of visiting speakers (over 100 in the past three years), leading academics and policy and industry professionals. Despite the busy feel of the surrounding area, many of the streets around campus are pedestrianised, meaning the campus feels like a real community. From joining one of over 200 societies, or starting your own society, to volunteering for a local charity, or attending a public lecture by a world-leading figure, there is a lot to choose from. Governments, businesses and charities across the world are now using insights and methods from behavioural science to transform the way they work. Organisations in the private and public sector have turned to behavioural science insights to increase the effectiveness of their practices. Designed to deliver the maximum organisational impact without you having to leave work for extended periods. Guest lectures will include speakers from health policy perspectives such as the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK Cabinet Office. The School will always notify the affected parties as early as practicably possible and propose any viable and relevant alternative options. It will give students the benefits of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects-based education and training that are known to enhance employability and earnings for graduates. Specifically, your supervisor will give you formative feedback on your Dissertation Plan and Dissertation Progress Report. This MSc course is aimed at UK and international students who are seeking access to cutting-edge behavioural science research, advanced training in quantitative methods, and instruction in the application of behavioural science principles to everyday problems faced within the public, private, and third sectors. Certain substantive changes will be listed on the updated graduate course and programme information page. Behavioural decision science applies psychological insights into human behaviour to explain how, when, and why people make decisions. This course aims to provide behavioural and social science graduates with high-quality training in quantitative research methods and statistics, which advances on their undergraduate-level training and is tailored to their future doctoral research training needs. Designers and developers creating new products and ventures. This means that even if you meet the minimum entry requirement, this does not guarantee you an offer of admission. Find out what our campus and London have to offer you on academic, social and career perspective. Some of the services on offer include: guidance and hands-on practice of the key skills you will need to do well at LSE: effective reading, academic writing and critical thinking; workshops related to how to adapt to new or difficult situations, including development of skills for leadership, study/work/life balance and preparing for the world of work; and advice and practice on working in study groups and on cross-cultural communication and teamwork. LSE Library  Founded in 1896, the British Library of Political and Economic Science is the major international library of the social sciences. Whatever your query, big or small there are a range of people you can speak to and who will be happy to help. Course price ranging from INR 1,385,055 - INR 2,774,758 with a max.Hurry the courses start from 20 Sep 2021. WBS is a department of the University of Warwick. Study Behavioral Science Abroad in the UK Behavioral science degrees encompass a wide range of topics pertaining to human behavior, spanning the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, and human resources, to name a few. Competition for places at the School is high. On completion you will be equipped with the power look at the world from a new perspective. Psychology is very diverse – overlapping with and contributing to many other disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology. In this course, taught by the marvellous Rory Sutherland, you will quickly and easily master the key behavioural change concepts such as nudging, framing, social proof, scarcity, commitment devices and even the ethics behind it all. Social, political and behavioural sciences degrees at St Mary's University. It looks at psychology rather than pure logic to understand the factors behind economic decision-making. LSE Students’ Union (LSESU) – they offer academic, personal and financial advice and funding. 80 Behavioural Science courses in United Kingdom. Uncover the drivers of choice and human decision making by exploring key findings of behavioural science and cognitive and social psychology, Understand how, when, and why human behaviour deviates from “rational” economic models, and learn how to apply that to different business sectors, Learn how behavioural science has been applied in practice by public and private sector organisations, With reference to your own sector, design a behavioural science intervention that can tackle a live problem. This programme is eligible for needs-based awards from LSE, including the Graduate Support Scheme, Master's Awards, and Anniversary Scholarships. LSE assesses your fee status based on guidelines provided by the Department of Education. Study while you work, developing skills that have Applications for this programme are considered on a rolling basis, meaning the programme will close once it becomes full. Behavioural Science Courses Behavioural science programs focus on teaching cognitive behaviour therapy and counselling to help treat a number of conditions, from kids acting out in class to people recovering from brain injuries and more. This varies depending on the programme, but requires you to manage the majority of your study time yourself, by engaging in activities such as reading, note-taking, thinking and research. Postgraduate and masters courses in Behavioural Psychology ... 127 Postgraduate Courses for Behavioural Psychology in the United Kingdom. We have established two new streams of academic staff: An immersive three-day executive programme run by Warwick Business School and the Behavioural Insights Team, introducing key principles from behavioural science and how to apply them to real world problems, Location: WBS London, The Shard Study in London: Social, political and behavioural sciences degree courses . LSE LIFE – this is where you should go to develop skills you’ll use as a student and beyond. Courses to the value of one unit from a range of optionsFor the most up-to-date list of optional courses please visit the relevant School Calendar page. The dissertation itself counts as one unit. You will choose one of these semi compulsory courses to write your dissertation on, which will replace the exam normally forming part of the assessment for that course. Read all about our world-class research in the WBS magazine. Upper second class honours (2:1) or equivalent. In addition, you will be able to choose from a range of optional courses within the Department and wider School (eg, Happiness; Corporate Behaviour and Decision Making; Behavioural Science for Health; Behavioural Science in an age of New Technology; Consumer Psychology) Over the summer term, you will complete a research-based dissertation on a topic of your interest related to a theme from one of the courses you attended. The MSc Behavioural Science programme is a world leading master's degree which teaches you how to use behavioural science to change human behaviour in corporate and public environments. You will be taught in a multidisciplinary environment with links to specialist research groups based in departments across LSE and the Behavioural Research Lab, and undertake compulsory courses in the fundamentals of behavioural science and research methods. Overview Our ... Postgraduate research fees are set in line with the UK Research Council. You must note however that while care has been taken to ensure that this information is up to date and correct, a change of circumstances since publication may cause the School to change, suspend or withdraw a course or programme of study, or change the fees that apply to it. Webinars, videos, student blogs and student video diaries will help you gain an insight into what it's like to study at LSE for those that aren't able to make it to our campus. Our Behavioural Economics MSc investigates the human and social issues influencing the decisions made by consumers, borrowers and investors. IT help–  support available 24 hours a day to assist with all of your technology queries. P Dolan Happiness by Design (Penguin, 2014), D Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow (Penguin, 2012), C R Sunstein and T Thaler Nudge (Penguin, 2009). You can view indicative details for the teacher responsible for each course in the relevant course guide. You should visit the School’s Calendar, or contact the relevant academic department, for information on the availability and/or content of courses and programmes of study. Come on a guided campus tour, attend an undergraduate open day, drop into our office or go on a self-guided tour. In week 0, prior to the start of Michaelmas term, there is an optional three hour session in basic statistics. Download brochures and other information; we've gathered everything in one place for you. It does not cover living costs or travel or fieldwork. A community of students, graduates, academics, and professionals to help you develop throughout your career. The skill to understand, predict, and change human behaviour is essential for your professional success. It will equip you with an understanding of how today’s digital era shapes the way we express ourselves, and how we connect with retailers. The fee you will pay each year is fixed at the same level you paid when your study first commenced. The School recognises that the cost of living in London may be higher than in your home town or country, and we provide generous scholarships each year to graduate students from the UK, EU and overseas. PhD Academy - is available for PhD students, wherever they are, to take part in interdisciplinary events and other professional development activities and access all the services related to their registration. LSE is internationally recognised for its teaching and research and therefore employs a rich variety of teaching staff with a range of experience and status. Academic mentors – an academic member of staff who meets with you during the course of the year to discuss your academic progress and who can help with any academic, administrative or personal questions you have. Behavioural Science Centre Formed in 2012, the Behavioural Science Centre, directed by Dr Conny Wollbrant (an economist) integrates approaches from Economics and Psychology to better understand connections between economic, psychological, and health outcomes and their determinants. For more information about LSE's teaching plans for 2020 please visit: and to view our Coronavirus FAQ's for prospective students please see: The course is jointly delivered by the School of Life Sciences and School of Psychology. Due to Covid-19, we recommend you to arrange a call with us if you have any specific questions about the programme. 30 universities in UK offering 45 Undergraduate Behavioural Psychology courses. Behavioural Science in Practice is a programme designed for anyone who wants to learn and apply behavioural science to their work and improve outcomes for others. This course is a compulsory component of Foundations of Behavioural Science and its assessment will form 20% of the overall core course mark. Improve your solutions based on feedback and guidance from world-leading experts, producing a revised and improved intervention. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS) is a three-year course covering social, developmental, biological and behavioural psychology within the broader context of the behavioural sciences. LSE is based on one campus in the centre of London. It has a rigorous focus on the cross-disciplinary theoretical, empirical, and applied fundamentals of changing behaviour. Behavioural science has revolutionised how we approach these problems by challenging traditional models of behaviour and providing a more realistic understanding of what drives our decisions. Attendance. Read why we think London is a fantastic student city, find out about key sights, places and experiences for new Londoners. By pursuing this degree, you will acquire cutting edge scientific insights about human behaviour, and  learn how to change human behaviour by altering the “context” in which people act rather than how they think. Applied Behavior Analysis - PCert, PDip, MSc. Addressing most issues in society, from daily challenges to complex problems, requires an understanding of how and why people behave the way they do in relation to themselves and others. Disability and Wellbeing Service – the staff are experts in long term health conditions, sensory impairments, mental health and specific learning difficulties. Student Marketing and Recruitment travels throughout the UK and around the world to meet with prospective students. Further information on graduate destinations for LSE students. As an LSE student, you’ll have access to a number of other academic libraries in Greater London and nationwide. You will also be assigned an academic mentor who will be available for guidance and advice on academic or personal concerns. Please contact Will Stubbs via email The skill to understand, predict, and change human behaviour is essential for your professional success. Sardinia House Dental Practice - offers discounted private dental services to LSE students. Its theories and phenomena range from individual processes to societal trends. It is designed to help prepare you for summative assessment which counts towards the course mark and to the degree award. Warwick's Economics department, ranked 3rd in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2020), offers you a programme examining theoretical and real-world applications of behavioural economics. It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta. St Philips Medical Centre - based in Pethwick-Lawrence House the centre provides NHS Primary Care services to registered patients. 4) Select ‘Graduate entry requirements’ and scroll until you arrive at the information about your local/national qualification. UK Location. Over the course of the degree, you will be taught by academics who publish at the forefront of their fields and who are also actively engaged in providing behavioural science consultancy, helping organisations to apply behavioural science principles and influencing public policy. The MSc Behavioural Science programme is a world leading master's degree which teaches you how to use behavioural science to change human behaviour in corporate and public environments. You will then choose two semi compulsory options from a range of behavioural science courses. Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics) MSc is designed for students with an Economics degree. We’re here to help and support you throughout your time at LSE, whether you need help with your academic studies, support with your welfare and wellbeing or simply to develop on a personal and professional level. LSE Careers ­- with the help of LSE Careers, you can make the most of the opportunities that London has to offer. It will enable you to critically examine theories of judgement and decision-making motivated by research in memory, perception, categorisation,... Read more. Note that that the School will neither be liable for information that after publication becomes inaccurate or irrelevant, nor for changing, suspending or withdrawing a course or programme of study due to events outside of its control, which includes but is not limited to a lack of demand for a course or programme of study, industrial action, fire, flood or other environmental or physical damage to premises. Well, I made a list of the courses I am interested in: City university - Behavioral economics LSE - Behavioral science University of Stirling - Behavioral science for management Kingston University - Behavioural Decision Science Durham University - Behavioural Science University of Bath - applied psychology and economic behaviour Students undertaking Behavioural Sciences have the opportunity to engage with contemporary issues, using the sociology and psychology they learn in an interdisciplinary way to offer positive and innovative responses in a stimulating and supportive environment. The centre runs talks and workshops on skills you’ll find useful in the classroom, offer one-to-one sessions with study advisers who can help you with reading, making notes, writing, research and exam revision, and provide drop-in sessions for academic and personal support. Home students: £23,520 Overseas students: £23,520. Compare the stated UK entry requirements listed on this page with the local/national entry requirement listed on your country specific page. LSE is well positioned for Behavioural Science with its Behavioural Research Lab, where researchers can conduct controlled studies, and forge strong links with business leaders and policy makers to have an impact in the field. London School of Economics and Political Science. Many leading organisations give careers presentations at the School during the year, and LSE Careers has a wide range of resources available to assist students in their job search. Some other governments and organisations also offer tuition fee loan schemes. Detect, investigate, resolve Building techniques for effective detection, investigation and resolution of suspicious behaviour. You will also gain expertise in state-of-the-art methodological and statistical approaches that are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioural change. Student advocates and advisers– we have a School Senior Advocate for Students and an Adviser to Women Students who can help with academic and pastoral matters. This will help students who do not have comprehensive training in statistics to master essential statistics concepts and thus prepare for the course "Quantitative Applications for Behavioural Science.". The fee covers registration and examination fees payable to the School, lectures, classes and individual supervision, lectures given at other colleges under intercollegiate arrangements and, under current arrangements, membership of the Students' Union. Students who completed undergraduate study at LSE and are beginning taught graduate study at the School are eligible for a fee reduction of around 10 per cent of the fee. Please note that changes to programmes and courses can sometimes occur after you have accepted your offer of a place. Discover more about being an LSE student - meet us in a city near you, visit our campus or experience LSE from home. Hours vary according to courses and you can view indicative details in the Calendar  within the Teaching section of each course guide. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS) at Cambridge gives you the opportunity to study cognitive, social, developmental and biological psychology within the broader context of the behavioural sciences. Selection for any funding opportunity is based on receipt of an offer for a place and submitting a Graduate Financial Support application, before the funding deadline. We visit schools, attend education fairs and also hold Destination LSE events: pre-departure events for offer holders. Language Centre– the centre specialises in offering language courses targeted to the needs of students and practitioners in the social sciences. It is also a space for wellbeing classes on campus and is open to all students and staff from all faiths and none. 93% of graduates employed or in further study after six months (HESA, 2018). Level/Qualification. Every graduate student is charged a fee for their programme. There are many opportunities to extend your learning outside the classroom and complement your academic studies at LSE. There is no fixed deadline by which you need to apply, however to be considered for any LSE funding opportunity, you must have submitted your application and all supporting documents by the funding deadline. We celebrate this diversity through everything we do. LSE is committed to enabling all students to achieve their full potential and the School’s Disability and Wellbeing Service provides a free, confidential service to all LSE students and is a first point of contact for all disabled students. Our Undergraduate Courses ... Behavioural Science MSc by Research, MPhil, PhD . University of Kent. Psychological and Behavioural Science (non-credit bearing)Each week we tackle key debates for the social sciences through an examination of key theories in Societal Psychology. They offer confidential and free services such as student counselling, a peer support scheme, arranging exam adjustments and run groups and workshops. Further information about fee status classification. Behavioural Decision Science MSc This course explores theories of behavioural decision-making science. Region/Country. Approved by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, our online CBT program is a robust training in the skills of this much-needed modality. The Masters in Behavioural and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands is an research education aimed... Master's degree. (See ‘Teaching and assessment). Benefits: You will be allocated a Dissertation Supervisor who will assist you and guide you generally with your dissertation. Find a course Search. Get an insight into life at WBS with our latest blogs. Location: WBS London, The Shard Dates: 28-30 April 2021 Due to Covid-19, we recommend you to arrange a call with us if you have any specific questions about the programme. 1) Take a note of the UK qualifications we require for your programme of interest (found in the ‘Entry requirements’ section of this page. In the behavioral science core courses, students study inferential statistics, values and ethics in behavioral science, cultural anthropology and behavioral science research techniques so they can analyze existing research and conduct their own studies. Key info for prospective students including uni course requirements & course reviews. This has led to an increase in demand for people with these skills, formally in behavioural insights and people analytics teams, and less formally in leadership, change management and human resources roles. Courses may be taught by individual members of faculty, such as lecturers, senior lecturers, readers, associate professors and professors. However any financial support you are eligible for, will depend on whether you are classified as a home or overseas student, otherwise known as your fee status. The Executive Programme in Behavioural Science has been designed to provide an understanding of the key psychological drivers of consumer behaviour. The course emphasises practical application, so that what you learn is directly transferable back into your workplace. In half unit courses, on average, you can expect 20-30 contact hours in total and for full unit courses, on average, you can expect 40-60 contact hours in total. Upon graduation you can expect to take on more responsibility or pursue new and expanded opportunities within the behavioural science field. LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 70527. As a student at LSE you’ll be based at our central London campus. You must also note that places are limited on some courses and/or subject to specific entry requirements. It stays open late, has lots of excellent resources and it’s a great place to study. The School cannot therefore guarantee you a place. Make the most of career opportunities and social activities, theatre, museums, music and more. The course covers, for example, cognitive psychology, psychopathology, language, brain mechanisms, gend… Many departments now also employ guest teachers and visiting members of staff, LSE teaching fellows and graduate teaching assistants who are usually doctoral research students and in the majority of cases, teach on undergraduate courses only.

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