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Guava Gummies

  • Author: Kelsey


  • 2 cups guava juice / nectar (you can use other juices too, mango, peach, apple etc. )
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 6 tablespoons gelatin


  • Add the juice to a sauté pan and heat over medium. Add the honey and stir until it is dissolved. Heat the juice until it is hot, small bubble may start to form along the sides. Do not let the juice come to a boil. Slowly sprinkle in the gelatin into the juice, whisking as you go until it dissolves.
  • Once all of the gelatin has dissolved into the juice, pour the juice into a liquid measuring cup. Skim and clumps of gelatin off the top of the juice. Carefully pour the juice into silicone molds and refrigerate for 6 or more hours until the dummies are set.