Hi friends!  What a week it has been.  Matt and I put an offer in on a town house we thought was perfect for us and didn’t get it.  It was a heartbreaker but we are still positive we can find a place we love!  There are just too many people in Orange County with more money than us.  Can you believe it?! hahaha.  Anywho I thought it was about time I share some Friday Favorites to get you through today and into the weekend!

1)  Favorite TV interview:  How badly do you want to be this girl??

2) Favorite Quote:  Julia Child just got it.

3) Favorite Recipe Test:  My mama tried this ‘limoncello and balsamic strawberry sponge cake’ from “What Katie Ate” and it was delish!

4) Favorite Photo: My sister Brittany is in town this weekend!! This is a pic of us 3 sisters at Thanksgiving. 🙂

5) Favorite News of the Week:  They are remaking POINT BREAK!! Although I don’t know who can compare to Keanu, Patrick & Gary…


Thats all for this week folks!  Have a great weekend!!