Another week has gone by and another Friday is here! I love Fridays for the same reason anyone does, the weekend is here!!  Well, at least once the clock strikes 4:30 that is.  I love looking back on and sharing what came into my life this week whether it be a funny youtube video, song or book.  Here are my favorites of the week:

Friday favorite funny but true:

Friday favorite book:

I just started this book and it is already so good.  I can’t wait to hear more about this heart-wrenching adventure!

Friday favorite song:

Friday favorite wish list:


 1) John Boos & Co.® Walnut Edge-Grain Cutting Board, 18″ x 12″ x 1½”  2) Cuisinart® Compact Juice Extractor, Black  3) Le Creuset® Signature Soleil Wide Round French Oven, 3½ qt.  4) Le Creuset® Fennel Skinny Grill

Friday favorite mystery:

While cleaning out my grandparents garage in October, we found this.  Today is the day we get to open it!


 I’ll let you know if we find the cure to cancer! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!