Its common local names include Ugwu and Ikong-Ubong and it is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae, indigenous to southern Nigeria. This is as a result of the high level of anti-oxidative properties such as oleic acid, vitamin A, alkaloids, tannins and linoleic acid in the oil that contains the lipid peroxidation activities thus boosting fertility. early in the morning or late evening. Prevent atherosclerosis. Culture: The only real demand pumpkins make is for space. There is, however, a major limitation in the utilization of many plant seeds, including T. occidentalis seeds because they contain anti-nutritional factors such as enzyme inhibitors, allergens, lectins, and other naturally occurring substances that may influence diet intake, digestibility, absorption and metabolic processes in animals and humans. Get your answers by asking now. Although the chemical composition of the fermented and unfermented seeds is known … Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The fluted pumpkin seeds were planted and allowed . Livestock or poultry compost manures are usually applied on the soil before planting, after four weeks and after six weeks. Pumpkin is an annual plant with short cycle grown commonly in the tropics between March and June.Seeds Specifications Seeds per Packet 10 Common Name fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, ugu Height Height: 1.5 to 3 feetSpread: 5 to 15 feet Bloom Time Summer,spring Difficulty Level Easy Planting and care Pumpkins are very thirsty plants and need lots of water Water one inch per week Water deeply, … Nutrition or benefit – Why growing Fluted pumpkin and then you decide what frequency you want to be on and Pumpkin seeds, seed oil, and pumpkin pulp have been evaluated in limited clinical trials for medicinal actions, including anthelmintic, hypotensive, and hypoglycemic activity. The seeds contain oil (fats), and other vital minerals and The many sizes and shapes now available in pumpkin seed varieties add to the childhood mystique of the season and attract families like a magnet. During raining season watering may not be necessary but during dry seasons or droughts, intensive watering is required. After planting the seeds Water the soil, this should be done every two days, morning and evening. The fermented seeds of fluted pumpkin is used in the production of “Ogiri ugu”, a locally made custard. Extremely rare and exotic! The fruit of the plant is large, weighing up to 20 lbs. There is a tender, white seed well cooked inside and that is what you eat. I need the seed, let me know if you can help . Firstly, purchase pumpkin plants or seeds at any garden nursery. The shoots contain high levels of potassium and iron while the seeds are made up of 27% crude proteins and 53% … This is a great write-up of so much importance and help especially for those who love gardening and farming. The pumpkins require enough light, very fertile soil which drains best. Pumpkin seeds, seed oil, and pumpkin pulp have been evaluated in limited clinical trials for medicinal … For foods, Fluted pumpkin is used as leaf vegetables. Am enjoying the leaves. 0 comments | Write a comment. Fluted pumpkin seeds have been reported to be rich in proteins [14]. Fluted Pumpkin is reputed to have blood-purifying properties and it has been used as a tonic for the young and old alike. The seed count in the fluted gourd can be up to 196 and above per gourd, typically 3.4 to 4.9cm in length for both pistillate and staminate varieties. … Abstract. iron, potassium, anti-oxidants and vitamins flavonoid, poly-phenolic Sixthly, use seaweed extract or compost tea to sow on the plants every three weeks. The seeds are sometimes fermented to produce â ogiriâ , which is used as a condiment to flavour soups, or can be consumed when mixed with other ingredients in salads. Common names for the plant include fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, ugu (in the Igbo language), and ikong-ubong (in the Efik/Ibibio language). [1] […] You might want to verify that. The study involved destructive sampling. The fruits were harvested for seeds at … These seeds are an altered recipe I found on the internet; by boiling them first, you allow the flavor of the mixture to soak in, while the spice adds more flavor to the seeds. Most articles for Nigerian Fluted Pumpkin now refer to Telfairia occidentalis, but just plain "Pumpkin" also still refers to T. occidentalis.I have seen recipes including "Sliced Fluted Pumpkin" but sources specific to T. … Pls where can I get the seed in a considerable large quantity for a farm of 300 by 50 feet. If your planting season is warm and long, spread the seeds right away within the garden while the soil heat has reached for 65 degree F. Secondly, select a plot where gets full sunlight and contains the soil under PH 6.5 to 7. Break open the coat covering the seed. Most diseases that affect fluted pumpkin are airborne and most of the insects are boring ones. Fluted Pumpkin Seeds For Sale. 0 0. Thanks so much. You can try it. If you are aware of how to grow Fluted pumpkin, you will get a lot of benefits as follows: The seed is also a good source of edible oil[12]. This plant fruit is big and weighs thirteen kilograms, yet it is inedible. Propagation and Planting Ugwus’ growing period begins in April or May, it is a fairly drought resistant, vine grown plant which can be grown on a wide range of soil. Telfairia occidentalis Giant Fluted Pumpkin . Future uses The leaves are very much sought after by sheep and goats (Oyenuga, 1968); their possible use as fodder is worth exploring. Can any one please give me the seed? Fifthly, use the organic matter and mulch to cover the plant when they are produced to keep deter weeds and moisture, and use row covers and cloches to prevent immature plants from the chilly winds. Moreover, vitamin A is a powerful vitamin for protecting … Is it cheaper to grow your own vegetables? image by Travels with me. If not, begin seeds indoors approximately 25 days prior to the final expected frost. The seeds were planted in four plots each measuring 3×3m with a spacing of 90×90 cm. Fluted pumpkin leaves are greenish leafy vegetables widely cultivated in West African countries, including Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and of course, Nigeria.

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