Makini: Oh, yes! Lion Guard Rise of Scar Spielset: Spielzeug. Ono: Hapana! They're already on their way. Don't you get it? Kion: Still, I should probably mention what's going on to my dad. They're under attack! When Scar was younger—as per tradition to all second born children of the current reigning "Lion King"—he led the Lion Guard who protected The Pride Lands and defended "The Circle of Life" from all enemies before his great-nephew Kion led the Guard. Good luck training with Rafiki! Just Play Lion Guard The Rise of Scar Play Set, Multicolor - Amazon Exclusive. Nala: Yes. History Talk (0) Comments Share. It's my responsibility. Bunga: Wait. Right there on Pride Rock! Ushari: I agree. Speak to me! To make matters worse, Janja's hyenas, aided by Ushari the snake, discover a secret that could bring back the vengeful spirit of the legendary villain, Scar! With this DVD, we find that the pride lands are experiencing a drought, where water is hard to find, leaving many in a bad mood. And fast. Beshte: So Rafiki, why are you taking on an apprentice? So viele lustige Features wie einen Schlangenangriff, eine zusammenbrechende Brücke, ein Lavakugelwerfer, einen Rammbock und vieles mehr! You have found your bakora staff! "The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar" is an extended episode of Season 2 of The Lion Guard. Skinks! Someday I'll be a Royal Mjuzi knowledge keeper of the Pride Lands, just like him! ♪ It's the path of honor C'mon! We already know who you are, Rafiki. Ono, have Ma Tembo lead the elephants to the base of that cliff wall. Kion and the Guard take on the ultimate challenge when a ruthless enemy returns to the Pride Lands and threatens the Circle of Life. Makini: You were talking to your grandfather Mufasa, weren't you? Trivia This song references the "We Are One" musical sequence in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Rafiki: Yes, yes. So you're gonna Roar at us then, huh? To see Tiifu?" How did Rani's parents died? Lion Guard! How about you? This way! Watchlist. Hate to break it to ya, Ushari. I won't be the one who gets trampled or pounced on anymore! The Rise of Scar is the seventeenth-eighteenth chapter of The Lion King: Revisited, as well as the film's second two-part special. It's so exciting! How did Kion and Rani fall in love with each other? Sorry there, snake. watch 01:38. Ma Tembo: Well, that's what responsibility is all about. It is a fun show that we can all watch as a family. Go ahead, Makini. The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar/Gallery < The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. Janja, look! Babysitter Bunga; The Savannah Summit; Ono and the Egg; The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar Kion: They don't always make the best decisions. And the sooner they learn how to work together, the better. So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa. Lion Guard: Rise of Scar Playset Posted on September 28, 2017 October 1, 2017 by ChelseaMamma If you have not heard of Disney’s Lion Guard, it is a TV series shown on Disney Jr that tells the story of Kion, Simba and Nala’s son from the original film the Lion King. as well as the good. "Live long enough, and you'll see everything!". Ushari: If all goes well, it could tip the balance of the Pride Lands in our favor. Parents need to know that The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar is a "movie" that consists of the title story, which is one extended episode from the TV series The Lion Guard (Episode 5, Season 2), and four episodes from Season 1 ("The Trouble With Galagos," Episode 16; "Janja's New Crew," Episode 17; "Four Baboons," Episode 18; and "Lions of the Outland," Episode 20). Fuli: Ono, scout a route the other way so the hyenas won't see us coming. Don't tell me they're after the elephants again. Nala: They will have to learn to work together. It's just that it's so hard not to talk about it! we're already too close to Pride Rock for comfort. 5:14. Janja: (LAUGHING) Face it, Kion. Ono: Oh, of course. Kion: Ono, keep an eye on the elephants in case the hyenas come back. Or maybe even your Mom or Dad. Elephants are the ones with the ability to find water. And you have all seen Kion use the Roar to make those Great Lions appear. Kiara: Okay, my future advisor. I think should go to the Pride Lands with Kopa." Send those hyenas flyin'! Kion: Sure, Rafiki. Oh, well. Come! Or maybe you will. Kion: I let Janja get to me. We can help too... if there's something we can do. Kiara: So is there anything we can do to help? The Guard meets Rafiki's new apprentice Makini. And he couldn't have picked a more worthy mandrill. The new water source for the dry season has been found! Ushari: But I'm just a snake. said Kion as he headed back to the lair. Makini, this is the Lion Guard. Trending pages. But the hyenas have her surrounded, and trapped by steam vents. Simba: It's a great honor to be chosen as the next knowledge keeper for the Pride Lands. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. 4:34. Ma Tembo needs quiet to find the new water site! (ELEPHANT TRUMPETS). Every time I run into the Lion Guard, I'm the one getting run over. I'm parched! Mufasa: And you know what happens when animals are tired, hungry, and thirsty. I'm no match for those hyenas. on Pride Rock. Anything? Everyone! I'll be careful not to lose control of the Roar. (GASPS) Shwari! And keenest of sight! Kion: I'm going to the top of that cliff. Just like defending the Pride Lands is ours. #kovu I mean, obviously I've seen you all before while you're going around Ma Tembo: Don't let them frighten you! But there better be something in it for us. Makini: Ooh, Rafiki? #beshte 3) I'll try to have part two up in a day or two. Sounds interesting... Nyeusi, hurry! Kion: Rafiki is supposed to introduce Makini. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Zuri: Yeah! ALL: Water, water, water! Huh. Ushari: That's fine. Cheezi: I know! One little mandrill's no match for us hyenas. Rafiki: We shall soon find out. Ushari: I did. Bunga: That's right, baboonies! Mufasa! Bunga: And then the hyenas go after the baboons again! Inspired by BelleT25's The Lion King - Untold but this... #anga in the dry season. Janja: Yeah. They drive the hyenas away an… Or there's gonna be trouble. Disney Junior The Lion Guard, Kion's Toppling Rock Wall. Chungu: Hey! Ono: But Kion? Kion: I've had enough of you and your hyenas! Did you do all of those paintings? Rafiki: That is understandable. What a frightening thought. Join Kion as he challenges Scar in the action-packed Rise of Scar Playset. But I burned my paws on the steam vent. ", "Exactly, Kion. Kiara: Any word on Ma Tembo's first water hunt? Janja: And there ain't no lion that's gonna help us hyenas. (LAUGHS) This way, Makini! Someday, they'll regret it. Other options New But I can't slither fast enough to keep up with her and Rafiki! Rafiki: Of course, young one. Are you okay? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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