With its eel-like appearance, the rope fish attracts those who want a change from ‘normal’ fish. The Dwarf Water Trumpet, or Cryptocoryne Parva, might just fit the bill. They can be found in Benin, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria. At that, the fish appearance to a great extent depends on its habitat and some fish populations have been considered as separate genus of the fish till quite recently. The easiest way to feed a rope fish is to give it with large bloodworms or worms. If you design their environment properly and keep it clean, then they’re fairly easy to keep and care for. The rope fish (scientific name: Erpetoichthys calabaricus) are a long freshwater fish that are often confused with an eel or snake. Therefore, the species you see on sale are caught in the wild or bread in fish hatcheries with the help of hormonal agents. People often don’t realize that they can live for 15-20 year in captivity, far longer than most species in the aquarium trade. They have been known to escape, but if you block the gaps in the lid of your tank, you shouldn't have problems. Rope fish or snakefish – the name itself says about the appearance. Feed them just before you turn out their light. Consequently, rope fish prefer water conditions typical of other popular aquarium fish too. The tank size and tank mates are all fine too. It seems too much to ask.I realise that I will need a larger tank at some point to house the fish as they grow so thought Gouramis, sharks, rainbowfish would be happy with my reedfish, maybe … Aggressive, territorial species will harass the rope fish. With little effort [Continue reading …]. Rope fish are known under a few different names, including Reed Fish, Snake Fish, African Rope Fish and their Latin name Erpetoichthys calabaricus. As for the fish habitat, this fish kind is widely spread in the rivers of Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana as well as in Amazon River basin on the East and in Amapa and Para states, Brazil. As you can guess from its name, this fish has a long body resembling an eel. They prefer well planted aquariums so you can include Java Fern and Amazon Swords. It has been suggested that males have more rays on their dorsal fin. So when you watch fish in a tank it seems that it is swimming and waving its ears fast. The tank sizes listed below are based off of the volumes and the lengths of the aquariums. by Millie Sheppard; Any kind of lighting will do, but it’s desirable to have some dark shelters in a tank, without any bright lighting. This doesn’t mean that the fish has heavy mind, it is really not easy for a rope fish to find food, when the smell comes from all sides. The Chiloango River and Ogun River are where you can find a hig… The Cryptocoryne Parva, one of the smallest of the crypt aquatic plants, is a hardy, albeit slow-growing, species that eventually blankets your tank. Large goldfish and the same do well. You may find that they are more active at night as in the wild they would hunt at night and sneak up on their prey. It has 9-14 rays but they are usually kept flat against the body. The most important thing is to make sure that your fish gets food in general and is not starving. Ideal temperature should be between 22-26°C but fair well in warmer temps, and pH level slightly acidic at 6.5-7.5. It has an elongated eel-like body, with no trace of a ventral fin. If you’re going to give this a try, then raising the temperature slightly and adding more tall plants (like Water Wisteria) might help to encourage breeding. Their appearance can scare people away as they assume they must be hard to care for. Pectoral fins of the fish are orange or yellow and they make it look a bit funny, since they are close to its head and look like “ears”. There are many treatments you can buy from stores for various diseases, including Ich. If you manage to get to this stage, it’s probably best to separate the juveniles so that they’re not eaten. The Zebra Danio fish is a good option for a platy fish tank mate, especially because platies don’t have long fins that zebra danios may nip at. But all these names denote one and the same species. It’s their distinct appearance which makes them such an exotic fish. Reedfish, Jul 8, 2014 #2. We also must mention, that fish doesn’t take good when you move it from one tank to another, due to this fact it may refuse to eat for several days and even weeks (without any serious harm for the fish itself, though). Mahmud Mostafa 465 views. To court, a male and female will swim around the tank together. Behavioral changes (such as a loss of appetite or reduced movement) start as the disease takes control. Due to its anatomical organization features, it can swallow atmospheric air and take oxygen from it. Many fish species will thrive with the goldfish, although you should be aware of the aquatic pets that will not make good tank mates. Live foods can be introduced too. The fish feels fine when tank water pH range is from 6,5 to 8 and comfortable water temperature for it is 22–28 °C (72–82 °F). OP. It can be daunting to purchase a fish like this. Every aquarium needs some form of filtration. This means that they will eat small fish in your tank, so you need to be careful with your tank mate choices. Small fish like tetras, danios, and harlequins will start to disappear. The fish is a predator, so it will hunt small fishes, especially at night. This makes them great for both species only tanks and community aquariums. This is a peaceful species so there are plenty of options when choosing some tank mates. They belong to the Polypteridae family and are a freshwater species living in slow-moving rivers across West and Central Africa.

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