My personal philosophy I believe, is to work in the nursing profession and to provide the best compassionate care with the highest level of standards and expertise required to make the individual your caring for feel comfortable comes from within your personal reflections and … Philosophy of Nursing Examples of how this philosophy of nursing can direct nursing practice will be presented. The concept of empathy is presently part of the professional curriculum in nursing regardless of the nursing student’s gender. They endeavor to promote their clients’ best interests to guarantee the best care to alleviate their patients suffering. Additionally, professional values form the basis for acceptable behavior and attitude in the nursing profession. Acting ethically alters a nurse’s mission in a small but critical way. Accordingly, the profession demands that nursing professionals exhibit certain attitudes and behaviors in carrying out their major role of caring. Accordingly, the Nurses’ Association approves provisions that address nursing practice elements. Cultural diversity is the presence of different cultural groups in the society, cultural diversity is something that nurses have to learn and practice every day in their carrier, especially when caring for their patients because, every individual or patient think, act and, For any nursing career, values and beliefs are part of the entire profession. However, the changing medical environment has inherent risks that subject members of the profession to complicated situations. Nursing as a profession is a lifetime choice requiring willpower and commitment. Learning Outcome Two: Nurses are bound by a professional code of conduct, which sets out the way in which all registered nurses must behave. Nursing is more governed by the following core values: Family values, Happiness, Sense of accomplishment, Honesty, Responsibility, Intellect, Human dignity, Equality and … Philosophy of Nursing I was comfortable Remaining re… Learning outcome four is based on the importance of working co-productively with other people to … The latter are momentous factors within the nursing field. This essay will focus on learning outcomes ones and four. They are part of ethics systems that evaluate a person’s moral behaviors. One’s personal values can, however, be consistent with their professional values hence impacting them in their choice of profession. Nursing beliefs can also have a profound impact on the way that nursing care is provided during the labor and delivery process. Some individuals are more aware of the beliefs and values that influence their role and actions in the nursing field, compared to others who have never thought about it before. A main professional value in nursing is treating all patients on an equal footing. Nursing professionals conform to the principles of acting honestly, fairly and ethically, while sticking to their role of caring for the needy. Such behaviors amongst nursing practitioners threaten the well-being of patients and predetermined mitigation measures are critical to reduce such cases. Therefore, patients have the right to refuse treatment and nurses are obliged to respect despite their contrary opinion. I chose Dr. Jean Watson because I believe and agree with her nursing theories. Furthermore, members of the nursing profession belong to associations that support and regulate their activities. Using the elements of cost, quality, and social issues to frame your description, differentiate your beliefs and opinions about health care policy. In case the family and community are included in decision-making, the professional must be accommodative to their ideas whether even in cases where there are divergences. Core values of nursing include altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, honesty and social justice [ 3 ]. One must define his/her own beliefs and values in life. Nurses must distinguish their personal values from professional ethics. In medical services, confidentiality involves keeping the information relating to the patient private. A definition of a Philosophy is “when someone contemplates, or wonders, about something that serves as the blueprints or guides that incorporates each individual’s value and belief system.” (Chitty & Black, 2007, p. 318) Personal Philosophy of Nursing is the core values and beliefs that a nurse upholds when taking care of another human being. Furthermore, they give medicine to patients with contagious diseases while endangering their own lives in the process. Altruism is the ability for selfless and dedicating own life to the welfare of others. Social and Personal Values in Speeches Pages: 4 (1169 words) Nurses’ Professional and Personal Values Pages: 6 (1608 words) Remember Me as Someone with Personal Values Pages: 2 (535 words) The Development of Personal Values and Their Importance Pages: 4 (1173 words) No plagiarism, guaranteed! Peplau on the other hand, views nursing as a maturing force that develops from educational and other interpersonal transitions. We all have our own beliefs of what nursing is, our own personal goals, and values that are important to our practice of nursing. Company Registration No: 4964706. Nursing is an honorable career, and should not be treated as just a job to earn a paycheck. Nursing Essay Caring as an important component of human relationships is the basis of the nursing profession. It is my belief that at the core of nursing are values that a nurse holds as part of their daily life. Due to its strenuous and demanding nature, exposure to both physical and emotional abuse is inevitable in the nursing profession. Delivering empathy for the patient as they cope with their condition. COMPASSION - The value of compassion cannot be over-emphasized. What is Nursing? (Warne, 2008) Professionals not only have personal values, ethics and morals but also professional ones. Personal beliefs and values together define a personal “coordinate system” of a nursing professional. Johnstone (2008) affirms that, autonomy in the nurse-patient relationship, gives the patient a right to informed consent. Reference this. Philosophy of Nursing Philosophy of Nursing Nancho DeChirico University of Phoenix Philosophy of Nursing For as long as I can remember, nursing was a profession that I longed to be a part of because nurses represented the very essence of caring and compassion. These professional bodies tasked with passing verdict regarding patient handling are prone to compromise and have lost their assertive authority in regulating their members. Two theories of nursing form the basis of this project. This is not an example of the work produced by our Nursing Essay Writing Service. Values, ethics and morals help in determining what someone deems to be right or wrong and, once learned, are large deciding factors in how people judge and criticize not only each other but also other people’s actions. Nursing professionals must further be honest to their colleagues in the profession and to those who rely on them. Altruism is the ability to be selfless and instead have a dedication to the welfare of others. What Constitutes the Science of Unitary Human Beings? Learning outcome one refers to personal and professional values which underpin compassionate, person-centred care. Therefore, a nurse presumes all human beings as being worthy and deserving unconditional respect, regardless of age, sex, health status, social or ethnic factors, political ideologies, religious affiliation or criminal history (Erasmus, Booyse & Zyl, 2012). She believes that it is not the role of the nurse to cure the patient of his or her disease, but rather “honor the human dimensions of nursing work and the inner life world and subjective experiences of the people [nurses] serve” (Watson, 1997, p. 50). However, the nursing profession is facing scandals related to submitting false claims for service and stealing from patients. If these core principles of the profession were being adhered to, scandals of malpractices involving doctor’s collusion with nurse would be non-existent. You can view samples of our professional work here. More effort need to be put in to curb this criminal vice. Personal values such as intelligence have motivated me to keep improving my knowledge through continuous improvement programs in the nursing profession has to offer. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. Philosophy of Nursing Professional behavior however, is to attain optimal outcomes in one’s tasks. This paper outlines these values and their significance to the nursing professionals in their daily practice. The core ethical values are generally shared within the global community, and they are a reflection of the human and spiritual approach to the nursing profession. Many of my ongoing professional development program. For instance, a nurse is required to move a patient from a poorly ventilated room or a congested hospital ward. Give examples of relevant ethical principles, supported by your values. These values are portrayed in their relationships with their healthcare team members, and their patients. Altruism is essential in unlocking a nurse’s compassion and empathy, crucial elements of the nursing profession (Johnstone, 2008). Personal values may be significant to their personal lives, but to act professionally they must abide by the nurses code of conduct in all situations. The association further addresses nurses’ continued participation in the healthcare environment and ways of advancing the profession through active collaboration (American Nurses Association, 2001). Nursing professionals must possess a sense of calling to the field to carry out their duties appropriately.

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