His limited archive is held at the Museum of English Rural Life at Reading University, where the drawings for Shute are the most detailed: AR JEL DO1 S2, 58 items. They were superseded in 1995 by Achilles, Neptune and Zeus. Although trained as an architect, he wanted to free landscape from the constraints of formal architecture, anchoring it instead to the people who would use it. They have been described as Jellicoe's finest work. Jellicoe’s last work, in 1994-1995, was to remodel the cascade between the main and Duck Pond, and the bog garden, with Peter Swann and Associates turning his ideas into drawings. But whereas the restoration of most historic gardens is based on research, in this case the designer was still alive. ... Shute House, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Jellicoe’s three volumes, ‘Studies in Landscape Design’, published in 1960, 1966 and 1970, explored connections between artworks, landscapes and hidden ideas. The water is sectioned into a series of canals, pools and waterfalls, which wind round the garden. They reunite in an enclosed woodland garden, then split again into two series of ponds in a lower open landscape. At Shute, Jellicoe made use of the spring to create a series of watercourses guiding the flow through bubble fountains, rills, seven pools and out towards the open landscape. He returned to Shute in 1986-1988 to remodel these ponds more gently and to add two more ‘connecting ponds’ that step away towards the distant hills, and to open up the view across them from the house. The couple have good credentials. Jellicoe’s survey in 1968 recorded an C18 ha-ha and terrace, with an overgrown C19 kitchen garden and woodland garden. A path heads south-east, crossing the bottom of the rill and providing a key view uphill, enhanced by the harmonic chords of the upper waterfalls. The Trees took some of their sculptures with them, and new herms were introduced to the exedra at the end of the canal and more figures have since appeared in the garden. 'I didn't dare argue. By You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Each waterfall has a series of copper chambers of varying dimensions, the moving water emitting different notes in the musical scale. Again, when Jellicoe last visited Shute in the 1990s he said he regarded the lower of the three ponds as unfinished, and wished it to be extended to enhance the impression of continuing further into the distance.In 1993 new owners John and Suzy Lewis asked Sir Geoffrey to return to Shute. His snake-like water gardens at Hemel Hempstead (registered at Grade II, List entry number 1001710) gave him the opportunity to explore allegorical themes, but it was the Kennedy Memorial that gave him to the chance to ‘put a subconscious idea into a work, so that it is more important and more lasting than the purely visual impression the eye receives’ (Harvey, 17). A plan of 1977 shows Jellicoe considering the stream between the lowest of the three upper ponds and the ‘hammer-head’ pond at the bottom of the enclosed garden. Lisa Gimmy, ASLA, a landscape architect who… A private garden by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (1900-1996) based around a natural spring. Jellicoe designed the garden at Shute House in the late Sixties for Captain Michael and Lady Anne Tree. Refresh your kitchen with a little inspiration from the masters. Holly Black, By At the end of the stream there is a sculpture of Flora, and the formally open vista has been enclosed.Beyond the rill garden, separated by a beech hedge, is a parterre of six plats framed by box hedges, corresponding to the earlier KITCHEN GARDEN. Three stones were brought from a nearby disused quarry, each chosen for their personality, and positioned to form an agreeable relationship. Sir John Lewis is the former chairman of the Wallace Collection and is still the chairman of the Public Monument and Sculpture Association and the Attingham Trust for the Study of Historic Houses and Collections, while Suzy Lady Lewis was the daughter of an eminent gardener, Esther Merton, and is herself an expert on plants. (1900–96).English architect, landscape-architect, and writer. Today at 1:00 PM. Plans for details of the viewing platforms from 1975 suggest that Jellicoe’s scheme was implemented only very slowly, for only at this time the proposed five platforms overlooking the Italianate canal were reduced to two, aligned on paths through the former kitchen garden, itself re-planned as six box-hedged enclosures. Oxford Dictionary of … Four areas have always contained plants grown for their different colours while two have traditionally been used for growing vegetables. Shute house garden Shute house garden designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe in Donhead. "Geoffrey Jellicoe (1900–1996)". The private garden at Shute House was designed in stages by leading landscape architect Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, between 1969 and 1988, and later in the 1990s. However, it overrides a layer of impermeable clay, prompting springs where it reaches the surface, which traditionally adapted into fish ponds and watercress beds around the area. At the head of the rill the source of the water is concealed, emerging from beneath a stone-flagged shelter of beech hedges that form a backdrop to a south-facing viewpoint; this is now occupied by over-scaled King and Queen seats by local artist Reg Budd, their topknots in the shape of the hostas planted nearby. Drawing on history, philosophy, psychology & art, the gardens of Shute House are Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe's masterpiece. In 1993, new owners John and Suzy asked Geoffrey to consider the garden once again. From here, there are views across the lower pasture containing the four lower ponds, and down the valley of the River Nadder towards Charlton Down and Zig-Zag Hill, which form a long chalk ridge across the southern horizon. This was the last sight of the outside world he wanted to have, and to hear the sound of water.'. This area was much less wooded than it is now, and he created a hexagonal temple of ivy and a ‘green tunnel’ connected by stepping stones across the stream to the main garden. Garden of Shute House in Shaftesbury granted protection. But instead of stepping back, Jellicoe seemed to work with greater freedom in his last decades. Hardcover. 5-jan-2019 - geoffrey jellicoe architect / shute house, shaftesbury Find out about services offered by Historic England for funding, planning, education and research, as well as training and skill development. Our website works best with the latest version of the browsers below, unfortunately your browser is not supported. The private garden at Shute House was designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe between 1969 and 1988, with further alterations in 1993, in association with his clients Michael and Lady Anne Tree. Geoffrey Jellicoe Collection, Shute House, AR JEL DO1 S220. On their marriage in 1949 the couple settled at Mereworth Castle, before moving to Shute House in Wiltshire in the mid-1960s. Jellicoe made further modifications in 1994-1995 (his last work). Historic England said the grade two listed private garden was designed in stages by post-war landscape architect Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, between 1969 and 1988 and later in the 1990s. His pre-war work balanced landscape work with architecture, which included the modern Caveman Restaurant at Cheddar Gorge, and he established a specialism in social housing during and immediately after the Second World War. A natural spring rises in the garden and water is the dominant feature; diverted into two, it feeds a network of formal and naturalistic water features, including the rill, the centrepiece of the garden. The house is a Grade II listed building, while the gardens have a higher Grade II* listing on Historic England's Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. In the 1970s and 80s, Jellicoe worked on a number of long term projects such as Shute House in Dorset (1970-90) and Sutton Place in Surrey (1980-86).

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